Kris Findlay-2  Kris Findlay, Financial Counseling

Need Financial Counseling?

The Employee Assistance and Counseling Center (formerly the Resource Center) is happy to welcome Kris Findlay back. He is currently providing financial counseling services for UAB employees and members of their immediate households on an as needed basis. Prior to his retirement from UAB, Kris provided basic financial counseling for employees through the Employee Assistance and Counseling Center for 10 years.   Kris is a 1986 graduate of UAB with a degree in economics. During his 24 year tenure at UAB Kris worked in various areas of management and finance in positions that included collaboration with all levels of management and staff. While at UAB Kris had responsibility for the supervision of both exempt and non-exempt staff members. He was also instrumental in the implementation of various information technology systems and in policy development.  He has had executive level financial management experience with responsibilities that included budgeting, financial reporting, rate setting, and position control. 

Kris’s experience in financial management provides him with the tools and insight to help employees assess their current financial circumstances and to create and maintain budgets that work for their individual lifestyles.  He provides clients with budget tools that are flexible to meet their needs and comfort level.  Debt management is a service Kris provides that can be useful to clients struggling to develop a personal budget.  For clients who would like to work on a plan for the future, assistance in setting and planning long term financial goals is provided. Since Kris is not a Certified Financial Planner he does not provide specific investment advice. However, he will share his insight into common investments and asset mixes that are age appropriate for each client.  Kris is dedicated to helping individuals achieve control of their finances.

Financial counseling is available, free of charge, at the Employee Assistance and Counseling Center to UAB employees and members of their immediate households. Please call 934-2281 for information or to schedule an appointment.