Basic financial counseling services may be offered at the UAB Employee Assistance and Counseling Center or a referral may be made depending on the level of expertise needed.

Gateway Financial Freedom (
A national, non-profit program, Gateway Financial Freedom (GFF) helps people get out of debt, avoid bankruptcy and learn to manage their money. 
All services are strictly confidential and include:

Debt Management Plans (DMP), through which a family’s debt is analyzed and repayment plans are negotiated with their creditors. DMP clients make a single payment to GFF, which then pays creditors according to the negotiated agreement.

Budgeting – Trained and experienced counselors work with individuals and families to examine both revenues and expenses and to devise budgets designed to promote financial stability

Mortgage Counseling - Allows potential homeowners to plan for the mortgage process by analyzing current finances, identifying “red flags,” and planning future actions to prepare for home ownership.

Foreclosure Counseling – GFF staff members will advocate for clients at risk of foreclosure to determine what, if any, steps can be taken to prevent foreclosure

Community Education - The staff of Gateway Financial Freedom provide financial education services to groups throughout the community.

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