The following are being honored for their years of service:

20 Years

Tracy G. Adams (Pathology Finance), James H. Alford (Bartow Arena Operations), Dr. Charles D. Amsler (Biology), Dr. Rebecca A. Bach (English), Angel J. Bailey (Nursing Res & Scholarship), James E. Bailey (Express Project Services), Anitra Baylor (Med - Preventive Medicine), Dr. Martina Bebin (Neurology Chair Office), Dr. Zsuzsanna Bebok (Cell, Developmntl, & Integrative Biology), Derek N. Beck (Budget and Payroll), Thressa A. Bloomer (Enrollment Operations), April M. Boyd (Dept of Medical Education), Michael E. Boyd (Benefits), William B. Brookshaw (Mervyn H. Sterne Library), Lana Jill Brownlow (Med - Infectious Diseases), Robbie N. Burrell (Restorative Sciences), Michele D. Carter (Parking & Transportation Services), Dr. Pi-Ling Chang (Nutrition Sciences Chair Office), Dr. Debasish Chattopadhyay (Med - Infectious Diseases), Lisa K. Clemons (Surgery - Otolaryngology), Jennifer D. Clendenin (Med - Nephrology), Christie R. Coleman (Psychiatry Chair Office), Dr. Robert M. Conry (Med - Hematology & Oncology), Fredrick D. Cook (Campus Maintenance), Kristen B. Craig (Mktg, Ind Distr, & Econ), Joseph L. Davenport (Center for Biophysical Sciences/Engineering), Dr. Pankaj M. Desai (Anesthesiology Chair Office), Dr. Leon S. Dure (Ped - Neurology), Dr. Devin E. Eckhoff (Surgery - Transplantation), Dr. H. Hugh Evans (Ped - General Pediatrics), Sherry J. Evans (Surgery - Gen Surg Vascular Section), Dr. Pohoey Fan (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Demara M. Faris (Medical Education Information Services), Kimberley H. Fort (Office of Admin & Finance), Dr. Ellen M. Funkhouser (Med - Preventive Medicine), Dr. Lauretta Gerrity (Office of VP Research & Econ Development), Lillie B. Gill (Building Services), Fekisha V. Guyton (Surgery - Gen Surg Oncology Section), Stacy D. Hall (Microbiology), Frank Hamby (Express Project Services), Janice H. Hofman (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Shiobhan D. Holmes (Campus Card Office), Johnny R. Hyde (Hospital Maintenance), Portia A. Jackson (Family & Community Medicine Chair Office), Jing Jiang (Med - Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism), Michelle S. Johnson (Molecular & Cellular Pathology), Dr. John K. Johnstone (Computer & Information Sciences), Arthur M. Jones (Chilled Water), Dr. William D. Jordan (Surgery - Gen Surg Vascular Section), Dr. Thomas Kekes-Szabo (Nursing Family, Comm & Health Systems), Kathleen G. Kennedy (Athletics Department Administration), Harry R. Kyle (Chilled Water), Dr. Yung R. Lau (Ped - Cardiology), Erica L. Lee (Surgery - Otolaryngology), Audrey M. Lewis (Building Services), Dr. Nita A. Limdi (Neurology Chair Office), Charles C. Lynch (Campus Maintenance), Dr. Yuanyuan Ma (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Trana L. Mars (Optometry Clinical Services), Deborah L. McCombs (Center for Biophysical Sciences/Engineering), Sharon Melnick (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Dr. Joseph L. Messina (Molecular & Cellular Pathology), Stephen E. Mitchell (Bartow Arena Operations), Shirley Naro (Managed Care Contracting), Dr. Dalton S. Nelson (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Dr. Jan Novak (Microbiology), Cynthia J. Partlow (Epidemiology), Pauline D. Peoples (Building Services), Dr. Rodney T. Perry (Epidemiology), Elizabeth A. Peters (Optometry Clinical Services), Michelle Peterson (Educ-Student Svcs), Danna L. Poske (Clinical & Diagnostic Sci Chair Office), Sonya M. Powell (Child Development Center), Shihong Qiu (Center for Biophysical Sciences/Engineering), Adrianne Y. Raymond (Physician Health), Sharon A. Robinson (Student Health Services), Dennis L. Rollins (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Dr. Carol E. Rosenstiel (Ophthalmology), Windell A. Ross (Pediatric Dentistry), Francilla Russell (Real Estate Office), Karen G. Savage ( Med - Infectious Diseases), Dr. Jane R. Schwebke (Med - Infectious Diseases), Demetria P. Scott (Supplier Diversity), Lisa C. Sherron (Radiation Oncology Chair Office), Dale M. Shew (Telecommunications Svcs), Catherine H. Smith (Lister Hill Library of Health Sciences), Dr. J. Kevin Smith (Radiology Chair Office), Dr. Harald W. Sontheimer (Neurobiology), Bonnie Stewart (Building Services), Jerry E. Stewart (Surgery - Pediatric), Dr. Gunter Stolz (Mathematics), John R. Taylor (Medical Education Information Services), Monique S. Taylor (Child Development Center), Dr. Ken R. Tilashalski (General Dentistry), Andre' C. Todd (Bulk Mail), Cynthia E. Traylor (Building Services), Martin C. Tully (Telecommunications Svcs), Henrietta Turner (Anatomic Pathology), Dr. Tarak Vasavada (Huntsville Med-Psychiatry Pgm), Dr. Gregory P. Walcott (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Kedria Walker (Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology), Shannon J. Warren (Med - Infectious Diseases), Andrew O. Westfall (Biostatistics), Dr. Anne M. Williams (Nursing Acute, Chronic & Continuing Care), Patty J. Williams (Comprehensive Cancer Center), Azad N. Yaba (International Recruitment Retention), Dr. Henghui Zou (Mathematics)

25 Years

Pamela Alverson (Comprehensive Cancer Center), Bonita E. Andrews (OB/GYN - Gyn Oncology), Anthony M. Banks (Physical Security), Dr. Scott R. Barnum (Microbiology), Karen J. Benson (Building Services), Deborah J. Blackstone (Records), Norman E. Bolus (Nuclear Medicine Tech Program), Kyle G. Boyett (Office of Asst VP Occupational Health & Safety), Tempie M. Brooks (OB/GYN - Maternal & Fetal Medicine), Dorothy L. Brown (Building Services), Karen E. Buckner (School of Nursing Dean's Office), Jerry M. Burden (Express Project Services), Beth S. Busbey (Ophthalmology), Mary Jo Cagle (Surgery - Chemoprev Res Section), Dr. Charles Calhoun (Curriculum Instruction), James C. Camel (Genetics Chair Office), Denise D. Cardin (Psychiatry Chair Office), Dr. W. Winn Chatham (Med - Immunology/Rheumatology), Joan A. Conway (Office of Sponsored Programs), Dr. Marsha D. Daniell (Huntsville Med-Family Med Pgm), Rhonda R. Eubank (Cell, Developmntl, & Integrative Biology), Alicia T. Farley (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Randall L. Foster (Neurology Chair Office), Dr. David O. Freedman (Med - Infectious Diseases), Dr. Paul D. Gamlin (Ophthalmology), Shirley S. Ginwright (Ctr Com Outreach Dev (CORD)), Dr. Brian P. Gleason (OB/GYN - Women's Reproductive Healthcare), William B. Griffin (Chilled Water), Dr. John Joseph Hablitz (Neurobiology), Cheryl D. Hall (Theatre), Steven E. Hicks (Center for Biophysical Sciences/Engineering), Daphne A. Hoyt (HealthFinder), Trena T. Johnsey (Med - Preventive Medicine), Dr. John C. Kappes (Med - Hematology & Oncology), Paula F. Kiley (Med - Immunology/Rheumatology), Larry E. Langner (Post Office), Kimberly P. Lee (Radio Paging), Katherine A. Margolies (Neurobiology), Gwenetta Marshall (Med - Hematology & Oncology), Beverly D. Matlock (Office of Assoc VP Financial Affairs), Julie A. McDougal (Health Care Organization & Policy), Brenda D. McKenzie (Med - Gastroenterology), David T. McPherson (Center for AIDS Research), Dr. Stephen T. Mennemeyer (Health Care Organization & Policy), Dr. Patricia J. Mercado (Dermatology), Dr. Andre J. Millard (History), Melissa S. Miller (Psych - Public Sector), Kathy B. Minor (OB/GYN Chair Office), Katrina Moore (Med - Nephrology), Lisa R. Moore (TRIO Acad Svcs), Wayne A. Nall (Campus Maintenance), Linda L. Nieft (Enterprise Applications), Dr. Mubenga N. Nkashama (Mathematics), Dr. Andrew J. Paterson (Med - Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism), Nina L. Poythress (OB/GYN Chair Office), Dr. Jose B. Quintana (B.S. in Health Care Mgmt), Davis E. Ramsey (IT Business Financial Svcs), Dr. Michael S. Reddy (School of Dentistry Dean's Office), Nedra C. Reese (General Dentistry), Charlene C. Rhoades (Ped - General Pediatrics), Belinda F. Rials (OB/GYN Chair Office), Kelley H. Roach (Clinical Trials Office), Myrtle P. Rutledge (School of Optometry Dean's Office), Dr. S. Lane Rutledge (Clinical Genetics), Christy F. Shinn (Med - Pulmonary/Allergy/Critical Care), Dr. Tommy G. Smith (Curriculum Instruction), Dan L. Snelson (Express Project Services), Dr. Sharon A. Spencer (Radiation Oncology Chair Office), Steven M. Spencer (Architect, Eng, & Interior Svcs), Sylvia B. Strothers (Institute of Oral Health Research), Melanie L. Talbot (B.S. in Health Care Mgmt), Michael D. Teague (Campus Maintenance), Dr. John A. Thompson (Surgery - Transplantation), Nancy R. Timpa (Curriculum Instruction), Edward P. Turpin (Telecommunications Svcs), Janice B. Ward (Office of Vice Provost Student & Faculty Success), John C. Welch (Express Project Services), Christie K. Wilson (Office Inst Review Board for Human Use), Karen A. Wood (Lister Hill Library of Health Sciences), Steven W. Wood (Creative & Periodicals), Dr. Xizeng Wu (Radiology Chair Office), Dr. Tong Zhou (Med - Immunology/Rheumatology)

30 Years

Dr. Mary Ann Accavitti-Loper (Genetics Research Div), Francesca B. Allen (Genetics Research Div), Marvin K. Atmore (University Police), Timothy L. Awtrey (Pathology Finance), Dr. Boyd L. Bailey (Selma Family Med), Judy Baker (Epidemiology), Dr. Robert C. Bourge (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Dr. Gwendolyn L. Boyd (Anesthesiology Chair Office), Dr. Cynthia G. Brumfield (OB/GYN - Maternal & Fetal Medicine), Dr. Joseph Burns (Curriculum Instruction)Cynthia S. Calhoun (Med - Pulmonary/Allergy/Critical Care), Caroline F. Chapman (Med - Cardiovascular Disease), Dr. Katherine A. Clore (Department of Optometry), Donna M. Crabb (Laboratory Medicine), Dr. Marilyn J. Crain (Ped - Infectious Disease), Deborah T. Frazer (Med - Hematology & Oncology), Dr. William P. Garth (Surgery - Orthopaedic), Kiran B. Gupta (Pathology Gen Administration), Joanetha Y. Hale (Microbiology), Donna Hamer (SHP Dean's Office), Dr. T. Michael Harrington (Family & Community Medicine Chair Office), Linda S. Harris (Mervyn H. Sterne Library), Dr. Gary R. Hunter (Human Studies), Debra A. Jackson (General Dentistry), Dr. Constance K. Kamii (Curriculum Instruction), Dr. Kevin L. Kirk (Cell, Developmntl, & Integrative Biology), Kevin J. Macon (Center for Biophysical Sciences/Engineering), Teresa W. Manley (MIST), Dr. John C. Mayer (Mathematics), Kenneth R. Morrow (Chilled Water), Dr. Glenn E. Peters (Surgery - Otolaryngology), Sherri H. Price (Office of Asst VP Occupational Health & Safety), Phyllis A. Rush (Building Services), Veronica R. Strother (Student Accounting), Timothy L. Sullivan (Campus Services), Dr. Tim M. Townes (Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics), Dr. Diane C. Tucker (Psychology), Dr. Robert E. Varner (OB/GYN - Women's Pelvic Med & Reconstructive Surg), Dr. John Waterbor (Epidemiology),Godfrey Watkins (Mervyn H. Sterne Library)

35 Years

Dr. C. Bruce Alexander (Pathology Gen Administration), Betty L. Barron (Enterprise Applications), Dr. Scott Brande (Chemistry), Charlye A. Brocks (Molecular & Cellular Pathology), Mary L. Clark (Surgery - Cardiovascular/Thoracic), Pamela S. Clark (Continuing Medical Education), Janet H. Cunningham (Facil Human Resources), Della W. Daniel (Biostatistics), Letha L. Daniel (Bell-Wallace Gymn), C. Cleo Goddard (Huntsville Clinic-Psychiatry), Dr. James R. Jackson (Dept of Medical Education), Martin K. Jones (Med-Gerontology/Geriatrics/Palliative Care), Dr. James K. Kirklin (Surgery - Cardiovascular/Thoracic), Walter N. McCord (Shipping & Receiving), Davietta McDole (Justice Sciences), Lois C. Musgrove (Med - Gastroenterology), Patricia A. Raczynski (Office of Assoc VP Financial Affairs), Max L. Richard (Office of Senior Facilities Officer), Sonja O. Rieger (Art and Art History), Dr. Leo P. Semes (Department of Optometry), Jana J. Shultz (Anatomic Pathology), Dr. Gregg L. Vaughn ( Electrical & Computer Engineering), Dr. J. Michael Wyss (Cell, Developmntl, & Integrative Biology)

40 Years

Daniel W. Craft (Express Project Services), Dr. David T. Jenkins ( Biology), Dr. John F. Kearney (Microbiology), Dr. Robert N. Kleinstein (Department of Optometry), Dr. David C. Naftel ( Surgery - Cardiovascular/Thoracic), Dr. Jere P. Segrest ( Med-Gerontology/Geriatrics/Palliative Care)

45 Years

Dr. Loy O. Vaughan (Mathematics)