FAQ's for Management

I'm planning a retreat for my staff. Can OL&D help?
Organizational Learning & Development staff members have expertise in a wide variety of topic areas and can help you select the combination of training and interpersonal interaction that will best meet your needs and the needs of your staff. When planning a retreat, remember to schedule events well in advance (3-5 months) to ensure that a OL&D staff member will be available.


Will OL&D teach classes and facilitate team meetings at retreats held away from the UAB campus?
Yes. OL&D staff members are happy to assist at retreats held on or off campus. If you would like to schedule a speaker/facilitator from Organizational Learning & Development, be sure to contact us 3-5 months before the event.


What opportunities for training might be possible during my staff meetings?
OL&D staff members can attend your staff meeting and present a quick introduction to a concept that may represent a challenge or opportunity for your employees. We have a variety of videos, instruction and interactive group exercises that can be presented in 30-40 minutes. This could create interest in a more in-depth class, spark group discussion of issues or provide an introduction to new skills. Call us to discuss your department’s needs and we will select material that’s best for you.


If I have 15-20 people in my department who need a particular course. Will OL&D come to my area and teach the class?
Yes. We are available to come to your classroom or conference room to teach special non-computer classes. If you would like to have computer classes at your site, please contact us to discuss logistical requirements. Remember to schedule well in advance for the greatest choice of dates and topics.


How can I obtain a record of the classes my employees have completed?
Each of your employees may print out a complete record of their training history from the UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System. Once logged in, users may click the My Transcript button. Transcripts can be complied from any date to any date. Once compilation is complete, clikc the Customize and Print Transcript button in the upper-right hand corner of the page.



My department needs help with specific computer software and tasks? Can OL&D provide training specifically for us?
Yes. Organizational Learning & Development has three well-equipped computer classrooms where we are able to provide customized training in a wide variety of common software packages and computer applications. Email us to make your specific request and you'll be contacted promptly to discuss your options.