• Professor of adapted physical education and department chair in the Dept. of Human Studies, School of Education.
  • Particular interests in aspects of wellness for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and individuals with Down syndrome. Service with various professional and non-profit organizations has contributed to positive change at the state and national levels for these groups of individuals, including legislation and funding priorities.
  • Served as co-facilitator of the SACS-COC QEP steering committee.
  • Serving as UAB Center for Exercise Medicine’s Associate Director for Education.
  • Serving as member of the UAB Wellness Advisory Committee, the UAB eLearning and Professional Studies Academic Advisory Council, the UAB Lakeshore Foundation Research Collaborative Steering Committee, and the UAB Research Capacity Building Committee.
  • Past university service includes serving as chair of the first Faculty Handbook Committee for the College of Arts and Sciences, past chair of the UAB Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee, and past member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.