Dear Veteran,
Thank you so much for protecting the country. My dad was in the military when i was 2 and i hear stories from my mom about how hard it was not knowing if he would come home. I just can't say thank you enough.
Yours Truly, Will Biles
Dear Veteran,
Thank You for Your Service and all that you do for your country. You are braver than i'll ever be. :)
Yours Truly, Paul Lucas Ryan
Thank You for being our life line to freedom. May God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ.
- Patrice Sims, Active Duty
Thank you for serving and protecting our country. We love you and pray for your safe return back home.
- Wanda, Military family
Thank you to ALL the Veterans for what you've done/doing for our country!
- Angela Usher, Military family
I wish to thank all past, present, and future Veterans for your willingness to serve. Eventhough there are sacrifices (for some,a lot more than others); it is an honor to serve. Continue to pray for our sailors, airmen, soldiers, marines, and of course, their families (it couldn't be accomplished without your support). Respectfully submitted.
- Amy, Retired
Heartfelt thanks to all who have served and continue to have a lifelong commitment to our great country!
- Daphne Powell
Thank you to all who have placed their lives at risk for their country. Thank you to loved ones, especially those whose family members are no longer with us due to their duties. My freedom and my children's freedom required sacrifices that I did not have to make, so I pray for those who did, and their families, and pray that America will respect and uphold freedoms for all citizens equally, and encourage other countries to do the same.
- James Grimes
Thanks to all the veterans past and present for their service!
- Mary Hall, Active Duty
Thank You to All for your service to help make our Country what it is today. A special prayer to to all our fallen soldiers familes. Gods grace and peace be upon you. Thank You!
- Gwen Timmons, Active Duty
Thank you so much for the service you do to protect us all here in America. We are so thankful for everything we do and I am praying for you.
-Gina Sherman
I want to express my thanks to all the veterans out there! Thank you so much for all the hard work you all have done for our country and continueing doing. God Bless America!!!!!!!!!
- Cindy Rowell, Veteran
Thank you to all the veterans and their families. My Dad served over 20 years in the Air Force so all veterans have a special place in my heart. Thank you to all Active Duty and Retired. All of you are truly special people.
- Tanji Stephens, Military family
I am extremely proud of my Dad for his fight and sacrifice for our country during World War II. He brought home a Purple Heart which I will always cherish. I love you Daddy!
- Vickie Anderson, Veteran
Sending a heartfelt hug and thanks to our Military family. Your effort to make a difference, to make the world a better place, to do good for others is greatly appreciated. Love from Alabama!
- Trina Colafrancesco, Military family
Thanks for all that you all do for our country and may the God that I serve keep you all safe.
- Cheryl Brown
Thank you all for your service and dedication to our great country.
- Treva McAboy
A few greats back my grandfather defended America in the Revolutionary war. My grandfather was in the trenches of France in WW1, and my father and uncle were in Germany in WW2 including the Battle of the Bulge. I posthumously salute them, and all of their compatriots, for their gallantry in the face of nearly unimaginable challenges. Their contributions dwarf my military service.
- Marty Smith, Veteran
Thank you for your service. Your bravery allows me to live a life that people in other countries may not be afforded. I am forever grateful for what you have done or are currently doing.
- Brannette Marshall
There are not many places in the world where men and women I have never met will fight, with their lives, to grant me rights that not everyone else has. Thank you so much for protecting and defending our freedom and way of life. We are the greatest country in the world because we have the greatest people in the world defending us. Words cannot express the infinite gratitude every American has for you. Thank you to all who put—and have put on- the uniform looking for nothing in return.
- Kimberly Heard, Military family
Thank you for servicing our country doing what you do it takes courage and strength and the ALmighty God to endure but you chose to do so THANK YOU THANK YOU TO TYSON HALL FORT HOOD ( ALL MILITARY )
- Denise, Active Duty
Thank you for the sacrifices you and your family make daily.
- Janice Wagnon, Military family
Thank you for your service. My father was in the Army during the Korean Conflict. You are the foundation upon which this country stands. We depend on you for our freedoms. Thank you for all that you do.
- Fredia Fuller Dillard, Military family
Thank you for your service, for your sacrifices. I have holidays with my family while you frequently miss them and many other things, moments that cannot be created again. Thank you for facing fear so I can sleep at night.
- Roberta, Military family
- Gloria Turner, Veteran
This is the first Veteran's Day that my mother and I will spend without my father who was a Vietnam Veteran who passed away this past April. Daddy you were a great man, proud of the 17 years service you gave to our country and we so thankful for the sacrifice that you made as well the other Veterans that served beside you. So we say Thank You for Your Service to all who served yesterday, today, and tomorrow for the sake of our freedoms. 
- Nikki George, Veteran
To all service men and women of every branch of military service: It is with a grateful heart I thank all of you for the daily sacrifice and committment you give to protect the freedom of our country and our rights so many have died to defend. God be with you this Veteran's Day, and always.
- Henry Hoffmeyer, Military family
I would like to thank all of the men and women who have servied in the miltary. Thandks goes out to my brothers who wasin the vetnam war, my daugther, son who was in Irqa war and son-in-law.Thanks to all of you. May God Bless
- Carol Sloan, Veteran
Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country..
- Pauline Fox
I come from a line of Veterans and I want to Thank all vets. Special Thanks to my brother my husband son grandsons. To show my appreciation I am very active with Quilts of Valor Thanks again for given America Freedom
- Janie Mahon, Active Duty
My dad and uncles fought in WWII and my brothers fought in Vietnam. I am extremely proud to be part of such a wonderful family. I want to thank them and all those past, present and future who have fought or will fight for my freedom. My debt can never be repaid. Thank you and may God bless you.
- Carleen Abercrombie
My father served over 30 years active duty Air Force (yes, I am a BRAT) and my sister active duty (over 20 years). My cousin is a commander of a sub in the Navy, and all of my uncles have served. To the active duty, reserves, national guards, and veterns - a heartfelt THANK YOU for all you and your families have done, and do. God bless the USA and the wonderful military!
- Becky Jones, Military Family
Thank you Veterans for your service to your country! We salute you for all you have sacrificed. Special thanks to my son, who is currently serving in the US Navy - active duty. I am so proud of you!
- Karla Duncan, Military family
Special thanks to my husband who served more than 20 years in the Marine's...They really are the few, the proud, the Marines. Hoorah! Although my Dad is now deceased he also served in the branch of the Army...We are so proud of these men and every man who is now serving or in the past. Thank you all!!!
- Tammie Bester-Kelly, Military family
Thank you for your sacrifice, no words could explain our gratitude.
- Samantha Sewell, Military family
Thank you to all the veterans and those currently serving for your courage and personal sacrifice to serve and protect our country. My life is better because of you.
- Julie Whatley, Military family
Thanks to all of UAB's veterans for the sacrifices they have made to preserve the freedom of the United States of America. Your sacrifices are not forgotten.
- Bobby Rogers, MSgt, USAF (Ret.), UAB HSIS Information Security
Thank you for all that you do or have done. Our nation stands today because of you.
- Phyllis Davis
In being a veteran myself I like to thank all Veterans for your military service. It can sometimes feel alone and isolated but know we as Americans and other veterans really appreciate all that you have done in protecting our country.
- Cheryl, Veteran
Thank you for courage, commitment and perseverance; for serving in places most of us would never go to willingly. Thank your families for all the holidays and benchmark observed without you. God Bless and protect you and your families.
- Caroline Lockridge, Military family
Keep up the good work guys! I hope you all are safe and think about and pray for you a lot. I wish I could be there with y'all! Thank you for doing what so many don't want to do! SEMPER FI!!!
- Richard Crabb, Veteran
Thank you for your service. We enjoy many freedoms because of your commitment to our country. God bless you and your family. God Bless America!
- Anita Clemon
Thank you and your families for the sacrifices you make to assure our freedom. Words cannot express the pride and appreciation I feel for our wonderful military and their families, past present, and future.
- Pamela W. Morgan, Military family

May God bless you and keep you safe, especially over the approaching holidays. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough...but T H A N K Y O U for your service!!
- Susan Branscum, Retired

Thank you.
- Cheryl Diane Copes, Veteran

A deep thanks of gratitude for all men and women who have served as soldiers or spouses -- your sacrifices are humbling.
- Dawn Nahlen, Military family
I joined the military during the Vietnam War and through the Gulf war. I'm retired Air Force and I am glad to have serve this wonderful country of our. I am an UAB employee and I have known only one other Veterans like me that sevred over 20 years in the Military at UAB. I'm sure there are more of us here. But how much, I don't know. I'm not asking for myself, but for all the unknown UAB Veterans employee. Why can't we have that one day off like so many other companies big or small around the nation? Thank You
- Derek J. Gaboya, Retired

Thank you Warriors, Wounded Warriors and Fallen Warriors you are the Jewels making the stars shine so bright in our flag. Thank you for being the Special persons you are and Thank you for all that you do.
- Renee, Military family

Thanks for your bravery and dedication the the United States and the citizens that relies on your CARE.
- Lisa Milton

Thank you for defending our freedom. Please remember what you have done and what you are doing is greatly appreciated by many. God Bless you and your families.
- Pamela Taylor, Active Duty

Thank you for your generous service. It is greatly appreciated everyday.
- Erika Mack, Military family

I would like to thank all the veterans who serve and commit such a brave selfless act of pride and commitment to there country. My grandfather, father, and now brother all serve. God Bless All of You!
- Christina M., Active duty

Thank you for your selfless sacrifices and dedication to defending our liberties and way of life.
- Renwick Slaughter, Active duty

Thank you for all that you have done for our country. God Bless you all.
- Cindy Rowell
Thanks to everyone for their service. May we honor you all. God Bless!
- Rebecca Martin, Active duty

Thank you for the tremendous sacrifices you have made to defend our our country and our freedom.
- J Banks, Military family
Thank you for what you have done, and what you continue to do for this country.
- Carly W.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.
- Elmer Davis

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