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Recent Submissions

When I think of Veterans, I am nothing but thankful. I know most do not care to have recognition for their duties, but oh thank you. Today I'm sure thankful for you, your time, the time you sacrificed so I can be free. I cannot thank you enough for the love you shared to us who were back home while you served so beautifully. Your so appreciated today, tomorrow and forever. Never forget how loved you are! Forever Thankful for you, Hannah Neel
- Hannah Neel, Veteran

Today on a great day, full of Thanksgiving food, joy and love, with those surrounding me...I am most THANKFUL for you! I am blessed, have tears in my eyes, and have a warm heart knowing I can be outside with my dog, family, and friends and be safe. It is ALL BECAUSE OF YOU and those serving and sacrifice! Thank you for your sacrifice, your love for others, your commitment, and your faith. Your appreciated, today, tomorrow,and forever. Blessings and love, Hannah Neel
- Hannah Neel, Active Duty

Thank you for your service to our country. It is appreciated and respected. I pray for your well-being and for your loved ones. Be careful, and take care.
- Jamie Grimes 

Thank you Quinton Rowser for you dedication and sacrifices you have provided for our country and keeping us safe. 
- Steph

God bless you for your services and I thank you for protecting your country and me.
- Celeste Allen, Military Family

Thank you for your service.
- Patti Sims

Thank you to all our Veterans and Active duty service members! We appreciate you so much! Proud Navy Mom :)
- Karla Duncan, Military Family

Thank you for your service son! We love you and we are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! :)
- LTJC Steohen Duncan, Active Duty

Thank you to all who have and are currently sacrificing to ensure our way of life. The men and women who serve, the families who miss them and support them. You all are held in my highest regard and I appreciate your selfishness provides.
- C Underwood, Military Family

Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve our country and protect us from harm.
- Carin Mayo, Military Family

I just want to say Thank You to everyone who is or has been in the military, as well as their families. You are not thanked enough. Just know that there are those of us who appreciate everything you do.

- Leigh Davis

Thank you so much for all that you do to keep our country safe and protect our freedoms! You are a true hero to me and my kids!

- Mary M. Hatcher

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