Courage Network

courage network logo webThe Courage Network is a sisterhood of UAB women diagnosed with breast cancer inpiring those recently diagnosed to thrive. Have you recently been diagnosed with breast cancer? Do you need encouragement or insights from someone who has already been through it?  

We invite you to join the UAB Courage Network to connect with UAB faculty and staff who have overcome breast cancer.  The network of survivors is ready to share stories, insights, and encouragement with other UAB faculty and staff facing breast cancer.
Courage Network-landingNEWS:  UAB Employees Tackle Breast Cancer Together in Courage Network

3 Generations:
The Courage Network will connect a newly diagnosed employee with two mentors. One of these mentors will be within 1-3 years of diagnosis and the other will be 4+ years from diagnosis. This will form our 3 Generation Mentorship. 

Mentors will connect with the newly diagnosed network member and set a time to meet for lunch or coffee and chat about their experiences in facing breast cancer. You can meet once to ask the many burning questions or you can meet more often, whatever is most helpful for each of the 3 Generation groups. 

Bi-monthly Coffee Hour Discussions:
We will join together as a larger network bi-monthly to celebrate life, share stories, and laugh together. This is an opportunity to get together and connect with others who have been in your shoes and walked a path similar who will understand your challenges. It’s a great time to celebrate! 

June 3, 2015: 7:30 – 8:30 am -  West Pavilion Conference Room A
August 5, 2015: 7:30 – 8:30 am - West Pavilion Conference Room A
October 7, 2015: 7:30 – 8:30 am - West Pavilion Conference Room A
December 2, 2015: 7:30 – 8:30 am - West Pavilion Conference Room A

Register now to connect and be inspired that you, too, can THRIVE throughout this battle against breast cancer. Once you register, the UAB Wellness team will contact you and then match you with your 3 Generation mentors. 

Register for COURAGE NETWORK and join an incredible network of women.