2015-2016 Inquiro Staff:

John Decker      Editor-in-Chief      
Maggie Collier   Editor-in-Chief    
Muna Al-Safarjalani        
Hriday Bhambhvani        
Alexander Chang        
David Chasteen-Boyd        
Daniel Gilliam        
Emily Jennings        
Charlie Keith        
Jessica Maya        
Emily Milligan        
Susmita Murthy        
Aashka Patel        
Joshua Purvis        
Amy Stewart        
Marina Triplett        
Neha Udayakumar        
Courtney Walker        

Anyone who wishes to join the Inquiro staff should send the following documents to inquiro@uab.edu: a résumé or curriculum vitae outlining his or her interests, research experience, and/or publication experience; a statement of interest; and a writing sample. There are no restrictions on the nature of the writing sample: it may be on any topic whatsoever; may be written in journalistic, technical, persuasive or any other style; and need not have been published.

For further information about the roles and responsibilities of an editorial board member, please see the Inquiro Bylaws or address questions to the editors at inquiro@uab.edu.