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Volume 7 • 2013

Table of contents
Letter from the Editor - Miranda Collier

Science News  

The “pause” in global climate change, and what we can learn from it - John Decker

The SAV001-H vaccine: A new hope for HIV patients - Sadhvi Batra

Undergraduate student helps create eco-friendly nanobattery - Amy Stewart

Science vs. pseudoscience - Grace Nix

The last stand: A synthetic compound treatment for tuberculosis - Harsh Shah

From lab to life-saving: UAB’s Center for Clinical and Translational
Science brings together researchers and physicians -
 Catherine Ritchey

The pleasure of memory formation: DNA methylation regulates
associative reward learning - 
Roxie Lockhart

The Science and Technology Honors Program: Preparing undergraduates
for research and science careers - 
Bliss Chang

Short Reports
White matter hyperintensity load in adults with chronic stroke is related
to motor function but not response to CI therapy - Jarrod Hicks

Tensor singular value decomposition with applications - Alexandra Fry

Metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 positive allosteric modulators
attenuate LPS-induced inflammation in microglial cells
 - Ranjani Ponnazhagan

Most prevalent drugs in death cases: a six-year study - Phillip Ritchey

A novel evaluation of daytime vigilance in patients with Parkinson’s
disease using a virtual reality street-crossing task - Kristin Ford

A new perspective: Treating patients from the laboratory - Daniel Gilliam

Intact brain volume is related to therapy responses in chronic stroke
and real-world arm use in hemiparetic multiple sclerosis patients - Ameen Barghi

Testing of United States currency for cocaine and methamphetamine - Jessi Mann

Faculty Spotlight: An interview with Dr. John Waterbor - Naveed Farrukh

Research Papers
Small peptides as treatments for Alzheimer’s disease - Alana Brock

Optimization of piezoelectric PVDF films for
electroactive strain measurements - Matthew Bailey

Method for the determination of trajectory angles of directional
secretory vesicles in cultured astrocytes - Chapin E. Cavender

Dark matter and the mystery of orbital velocities - Joshua Plottel

Comparison of the X-ray Crystal Structures of Two Mo(CO)5(Ph2PXR) (R=Pri; X=O; R=C6H4-4-Me) Complexes - Shakyra Tyus

The effect of speed of processing training on microsaccade amplitude - Stephen Layfield

Inquiro Staff

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