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Volume 6 • 2012

Table of contents
Letter from the Editor - Rachael Rosales

Science News  

The Particle that Stephen Hawking Bet Against: A Look at the Elusive Higgs BosonNaveed Farrukh

Outer Space Just Got a Little Bit SweeterAmiya Ahmed

Dangerous Research:Threat of bioterrorism creates need for new precautionsRamya Singireddy

Pursuing a Research Career…Without the Doctorate - Paul Lee

Road to a Cure: UAB’s Sickle Cell Disease Research InitiativeRoxie Lockhart

Faculty Interview: Dr. Joel Berry - Chapin Cavender

Research Narrative 
This One, or That One: Finding the Research for YouMira Patel

Feature Article: Isolation of Novel Mycobacteriophages - Mira Patel and Kasopefoluwa Oguntuyo

Faculty Spotlight: Nick Bieser - Timothy Fernandez

Short Reports
Structural and Functional Analysis of Cryptosporidium
parvum Pyruvate Kinase, a Potential Drug Target  - Khadijah Aleem

Effect of Distraction and Traffic Congestion
on Visual Attention
 - Leslie Williams

Faculty Interview: Uday Vaidya, Ph.D. - Harsh Shah

Thermally Triggered Drug Release from Polymer Micelles - Jerome S. Arceneaux

Determining the Pharmacological Activity of in
Cystic Fibrosis Sputum Ex Vivo: A Potential New Treatment for Mucus Stasis
 - Hannah Bowers

Statistical Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in
the Coat Patterns of the Striped Mouse
 - Lacey Kennedy

Research Papers

Development of Novel Thin Film Electrolyte Materials
for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
 - Alex Skinner

Design of a Torsion Tester for Study of the Effects of
Diabetes and Obesity on Murine Bone Properties
 - Brandon Sherrod

Effect of Genistein After Spinal Cord Injury
in Male Rodents - Roxanne Lockhart

Development of Dot Array Biosensor using
Dip-Pen Nanolithography of Polyacrylamide Ink
 - Aditi R. Naik

Synergistic Effects of Nicotine and Angiotensin II:
Implications for Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease
in Smokers
 - C. Yoonhee Ryder

Counting Sibling Portraits in Laminations of the Unit Disk - Joseph W. Olson

Work Function and HOMO Levels of
Zinc Phthalocyanine on Different Substrates
 - Joseph Olson

2012 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Recipient - Miranda Collier

Submission Guidelines for 2013

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