At UAB, the Proficiency Profile is administered to freshmen and seniors annually.  Use of the instrument began in 2004 when it was administered to randomly selected groups of students.  A longitudinal study was begun in 2007 so that data can be collected on the same students to identify improvements made over the course of their UAB educational experience.  Results of the Proficiency Profile will be available on UAB’s College Portrait when requirements for the number of students completing the assessment are met. (  More information on the Proficiency Profile is available at this web site:

2007-2009 Proficiency Profile

Results of the Proficiency Profile over the administrations since 2007 indicate statistically significant differences between freshmen and seniors.   These differences indicate that students’ proficiency in critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics improve between beginning their education at UAB and completing it.

•      Scaled scores in all areas exceed those of peer institutions.

•      The percentages of students who are scored as proficient also exceed those of peer institutions.

Source: Office of Planning and Analysis, April 2010