In addition to measuring faculty members’ expectations of student engagement in educational practices complementary to information gathered by NSSE, FSSE also collects information about how faculty members spend their time on professorial activities, such as teaching and scholarship, and the kinds of learning experiences their institutions emphasize.  UAB participates in FSSE concurrently with NSSE – on a three-year cycle.

More information about FSSE is available at this web site:

2009 FSSE

FSSE was administered in Spring 2009 as a complement to the administration of NSSE.   Of the 662 faculty members invited to participate in the electronic survey, 58% responded.   Of those responding, 95% were full-time faculty.  The information provided through the examination of FSSE and NSSE results is intended to be a catalyst for productive discussions related to teaching, learning, and the quality of students’ educational experiences.

Source: Office of Planning and Analysis, April 2010