The Student Satisfaction Inventory covers a wide range of institutional activities and services, from academics to student services to extracurricular activities.   UAB has participated in 2000, 2004, and 2008.  The SSI will be administered on a three-year cycle.  More information about SSI is available at this web site:·

2008 Student Satisfaction Inventory

UAB invited all undergraduate students to participate in the electronic survey in Spring 2008, and 20% of them (1,964) responded.

Some highlights of the 2008 administration of SSI include the following:

  • UAB students gave a higher rating to academic advising than did students at all participating public senior institutions or at institutions in comparison groups.
  • Items related to “concern for the individual" received higher satisfaction scores at UAB than at comparison institutions and participating public senior institutions.
  • Instructional ·Effectiveness ·was ·rated ·higher ·at ·UAB ·than ·at ·comparison ·institutions ·and participating public senior institutions.
  • UAB campus support services received more positive satisfaction responses than at other similar institutions.




Source: Office of Planning and Analysis, April 2010