These developing research centers are expected to expand their focus and scope sufficiently to eventually qualify as University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Centers. Applicant centers are evaluated by the University's Research Advisory Group on center leadership (must be composed of faculty with substantial track records of productivity and sponsored research), breadth of membership (must include faculty from more than two schools), and potential to enhance extramural support of research and contribute to the institution's research infrastructure. Applicant centers also are evaluated on their potential to meet many of the same criteria as the University-wide Centers. Centers receiving this designation are funded for two years at a total of $55,000 per year, with 70% coming from the Office of the Provost and 30% coming from the sponsoring schools.

Biomatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BERM) Center
Purpose: To advance our understanding of the underlying biological and biomechanical mechanisms of medical implants and to use this knowledge to develop new and novel implant designs.
Co-directors: Joanne E. Murphy-Ullrich, Ph.D., and Timothy M. Wick, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/19/1996 (name change), 11/10/06 (name change)

Center for Cardiovascular Biology
Purpose: To build on the strengths of ongoing research efforts and expand cutting-edge basic, clinical, and translational research in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
Director: Steven M. Pogwizd, M.D.
Approval Date: 2/6/2009

Center for Computational and Structural Dynamics
Purpose: To support the more efficient and effective use of institutional resources by providing an infrastructure that will enhance interdisciplinary research through communication, coordination of research initiatives and sharing of resources.
Director: Jere P. Segrest, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/05/2004, 9/19/2008 (name change)

The Global Center for Craniofacial, Oral and Dental Disorders (GC-CODED)
Purpose: To provide an inter-and multidisciplinary integrated forum for the diagnosis, treatment, development of novel therapeutics, gene discovery, student, resident and faculty training, education of the community, nation and the world related to disorders and syndromes of craniofacial, oral complex and dentition.
Director: Mary MacDougall, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/14/2012

UAB Center for Exercise Medicine
Purpose: To improve the health of Alabama's adults and children through the establishment of new interdisciplinary research programs while educating health care professionals to utilize exercise as part of their clinical health treatments.
Director: Marcas M. Bamman, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 2/5/2011