To be designated a University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Center, centers must demonstrate sponsorship from more than two UAB schools. Applicant centers are evaluated by the University's Research Advisory Group on substantive interdisciplinary faculty involvement; provision of research infrastructure; contribution to the intellectual environment so as to enhance faculty and student recruitment, development and retention; a financial base to support center and core activities; internal and external review processes to assure quality and productivity; and leadership in the integration of research and service including community outreach or partnerships. Centers receiving this designation are funded for three years at varying levels, with 70% coming from the Deans' share of indirect expense recovery and from the sponsoring schools (a minimum of 30%).

Center for Aging
Purpose: To promote the health and well-being of older persons by conducting and promoting aging related research, training students and faculty to conduct research, disseminating new knowledge, and supporting community outreach and clinical programs.
Director: Richard M. Allman, M.D.

Center for AIDS Research
Purpose: To support a multidisciplinary environment that promotes basic clinical, behavioral and translational research in the prevention, detection and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.
Director: Michael S. Saag, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/09/1988

Center for Free Radical Biology
Purpose: To serve as a framework for centralizing and advancing basic research and clinical investigation related to free radical biology, a critical component of inflammatory reactions and cell signaling mechanisms.
Director: Victor Darley-Usmar, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/19/1996

Center for Metabolic Bone Disease
Purpose: To provide a broad-based multidisciplinary research, training, and service center focused on metabolic bone disease with a general mission to support, catalyze, and integrate clinical activities, clinical research, basic research, and education.
Director: Majd Zayzafoon, M.D.
Approval Date: 4/19/1996

Center for Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration
Purpose: To focus on the synthesis and characterization of nanoscale materials and structures with applicability and integration into the biomedical arena.
Director: Yogesh K. Vohra, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 2/3/2006

Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education (COERE)
To build and maintain a successful program of research targeted at improving the quality and outcomes of health care by: using interdisciplinary teams to test innovations that promote evidence-based practice, reduce inequities in care for under-served and minority populations, and improve quality of life and functional outcomes for patients; developing and testing innovative methods with application to important questions in the delivery of health care; training and mentoring students, fellows and faculty in these methods; and serving as a resource to UAB faculty, health care systems, related organizations, government, and philanthropy to further disseminate outcomes research knowledge and expertise.
Director: Kenneth G. Saag, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/4/1998

Center for Structural Biology
Purpose:  To increase faculty awareness of research capabilities to structural biology, faculty recruitment in areas related to structural biology, and grant funding in structural biology.
Director:  Lawrence J. DeLucas, O.D.
Approval Date:  6/15/2012

Center for the Study of Community Health
Purpose: To conduct and facilitate research to guide programs and policies that promote the vitality of community health.
Director: Max Michael, III, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/16/06 (creation through merger)

Center for Women's Reproductive Health - Website under development
Purpose: To conduct research aimed at improving the health of all women, especially minority and underserved women and their families; and to bring researchers and developing scholars interested in women's health issues at UAB into a more formal research collaboration.
Director: Dwight J. Rouse, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/17/1993, 12/12/1996 (name change), 4/07/06 (name change)

Civitan International Research Center
Purpose: To improve the well-being and the quality of life of individuals and families affected by mental retardation and developmental disabilities; to expand knowledge about human development and developmental disabilities through conducting basic and applied research; to use this knowledge to develop and provide high quality, exemplary services and programs; to provide interdisciplinary clinical and research training in developmental disabilities; and to exchange information in a timely way with consumers, practitioners, scientists and society.
Director: Harold W. Sontheimer, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/22/1989

Comprehensive Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Autoimmunity Center
Purpose: To generate new understanding and apply knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases. Goals include integrating and promoting fundamental research with clinical care, developing and applying new diagnostics and therapeutics, educating the public about arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases, and training future investigators and health care professionals.
Director: Robert P. Kimberly, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/20/2008 (name change)

Comprehensive Cancer Center
Purpose: To provide the most up-to-date and effective care to cancer patients; to advance the nation's scientific understanding of cancer; and to translate new knowledge into improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Director: Edward E. Partridge, M.D.

Comprehensive Diabetes Center
Purpose: Through research and clinical efforts, facilitate the translation of basic medical discoveries into effective therapies for diabetes.
Director: Anath Shalev, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/15/2006

Howell and Elizabeth Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences
Purpose: To bring together the UAB community of genetic investigators and to develop a robust technologic infrastructure to support genetic and genomic research at UAB.
Acting Director: Bruce R. Korf, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/12/1996, 6/19/2009 (name change)

Gregory Fleming James Cystic Fibrosis Research Center
Purpose: To provide a mechanism where separate traditional, newly-developed and future disciplines can be effectively coordinated to establish the genetic and biochemical bases of cystic fibrosis (CF); and to improve the quality of care for those with CF.
Director: Eric J. Sorscher, M.D.

Nephrology Research and Training Center
Purpose: To support research and training directed at the following: providing new insights into the molecular physiology and regulatory mechanisms that control renal hemodynamics and tubular transport function; diagnosing, treating, and preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases and hypertension; improving health and well-being of those affected by kidney and urinary tract diseases and hypertension; increasing the number of organs available for renal transplants; and enhancing public awareness of important health issues related to kidney and urinary tract diseases and hypertension.
Director: Anupam Agarwal, M.D.

Nutrition Obesity Research Center
Purpose: To foster a multidisciplinary approach to basic, clinical and translational research with an emphasis on understanding the metabolic factors, environmental influences, and associated genetic traits underlying nutrition and obesity-related health problems.
Director: David B. Allison, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/12/1996, 2/18/2000 (name change), 11/6/2009 (name change)

UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Purpose: To serve as the focal point for UAB's efforts to encourage and facilitate clinical and translational research.
Director: Lisa Guay-Woodford, M.D.
Approval Date: 2/3/2006, 6/20/2008 (confirmed)

UAB Center for Emerging Drug Discovery
Purpose:  To coordinate multi-disciplinary research in the area of sustainable infrastructure systems.
Director:  Richard Whitley, M.D., Henry Wang, M.D., Co-Director
Approval Date:  6/16/2006 (creation through merger), 2/3/2012 (name change)

UAB Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research
Purpose:  To create and promulgate innovative solutions to rapidly emerging and enduring threats to global, domestic, and regional commerce and safety using state-of-the art research.
Director: Anthony Skjellum, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/7/2011

UAB Comprehensive Neuroscience Center
Purpose: To promote and support interdisciplinary neuroscience research, clinical care, and education at UAB.
Director: Lori McMahon Ph.D. (effective 1/17/2012)
Approval Date: 9/15/2006

UAB Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center
Purpose: To provide UAB researchers with an infrastructure to develop and conduct innovative research ideas for improving the health status of minority groups and expand the participation of minorities in biomedical and behavioral research; and to identify and support research opportunities to reduce health disparities in underserved populations through the partnership with UAB schools and centers and with other state agencies and grassroots organizations in minority communities.
Director: Mona N. Fouad, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/20/2002, 9/19/2008 (name change)

Vision Science Research Center
Purpose: To promote vision science research, facilitate collaborative research, and add to the scientific knowledge of the eye and central visual pathways leading to improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blindness and visual impairment.
Director: Steven J. Pittler, Ph.D.