UAB IT Provides Critical Guidance to Campus on Appropriate Versions of Internet Explorer, Mac OS, and Java to Mitigate Risks of Exploitation; updates Java recommendation to 1.7.0_72

Windows Systems:

• On Windows 7 Install IE 10 and Java 1.7.0_72

UAB IT has updated the minimum recommendations for versions of Internet Explorer and Java as UAB systems have improved functionality to support newer browsers and the currently secure version of Java. Internet Explorer 10 and Java 1.7.0_72 are recommended for installation on Windows 7/8. UAB IT also recommends using a separate browser with JAVA disabled for Internet use.  Use IE on campus with Java enabled and your choice of Firefox or Chrome for Internet browsing with JAVA disabled (for information on disabling Java click here).

Mac Systems:

• Install OSX 10.9 and Java 1.7.0_72

UAB IT has updated the minimum recommendations for versions of Mac Operating systems and Java as UAB systems have improved functionality that are compatible with the current version of Java. The recommended operating systems for use on Campus are Apple OSX 10.7x and 10.8x. While Apple OSX 10.6x is still supported by Apple, vendors are no longer testing against it for compatibility. Apple operating systems will not run any version lower than Java 1.7.0_51.

UAB IT also recommends using two different browsers — one for surfing the Web and one just for accessing UAB systems. For Internet Web browsing, use one of the following: Firefox Safari, or Chrome, with Java disabled (for information on disabling Java click here). For working with just UAB systems, choose a different browser and enable Java to work in it. If you run into compatibility issues with the local browser and UAB IT systems, use the IT terminal servers to access UAB resources via RDP client (for information on using IT terminal servers on Mac click here).

For more information, contact AskIT (

toys marines
Thanks to generous donations from employees and students across campus, UAB's 21st annual Toy Drive filled a small moving truck with toys and games destined for children in need this Christmas.

UAB IT, which organizes the Toy Drive, estimates that 1,500 toys were collected for the Toys for Tots effort this year.

"We are appreciative of all of the building coordinators across campus for helping us get the word out, and to the UAB Police Department and our own IT employees for their efforts to collect the toys," said Eric Thompson, coordinator of the Toy Drive. "Thanks to these donations — which made up the largest Toys for Tots collection in our area so far this year — hundreds of children will have a merry Christmas."

For the first time this year, Santa Claus and his elf greeted visitors at the entrance of the Administration Building, collecting last-minute toys on Friday, Dec. 5.

More photos of the event can be found here.

A new version of Firefox may impact UAB campus users trying to access certain administrative systems through that browser.

The Firefox 34.0.5 update disables SSLv3 by default.

Users who have updated Firefox this week may receive an error message if they try to access one of UAB’s administrative systems, such as Oracle or eLAS, on Firefox.
FireFox screencapture
Users can simply choose a different browser to access those systems. 

Other web browsers may issue similar updates in coming weeks, but UAB IT is working quickly to resolve the compatability and security issues.
The jolly old elf himself will help collect toys for UAB’s annual Toy Drive during a “Drive-Through Santa” event on Friday, Dec. 5.

drivethrough santaThe UAB Toy Drive is ongoing now, with boxes distributed in 30 locations throughout campus to collect new, unwrapped toys. The UAB Toy Drive will end on Dec. 5.

Anyone with last-minute gifts will be able to drop them off at the entrance to the Administration Building, located at 701 20th St. South. Santa Claus and his helpers will be there between 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Dec. 5 to receive the gifts. 

“This is the first time that the UAB Toy Drive has featured a ‘Drive-Through Santa,’” said Eric Thompson, chairman of this year’s committee. “We’re doing everything we can to make it convenient for UAB faculty, staff and students to support the UAB Toy Drive.”

This is the 21st year that UAB has participated in Toys for Tots, which provides Christmas gifts for children in need throughout the greater Birmingham area.
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