Connecting iOS Devices to UAB WiFi

Connecting an iPhone or iPod Touch to uabwifi-nac

The UAB wifi network supports iPhone and iPod touch devices running iPhone or iPod Touch OS version 2.2 or higher. Before attempting to connect to the UAB network, please ensure the device is up to date by connecting it to iTunes and performing a software update. You should then follow the steps below to connect your Apple wireless device to uabwifi-nac.

Note: You must be on campus and within range of the UAB wireless network to perform these steps.

1. Open the "Settings" application.

2. Select "Wi-Fi."

3. Select "uabwifi-nac" (Note: do not select 'uabwifi').

4. When prompted for username and password, enter your BlazerID & Password.

5. When prompted for an unverified certificate, click "Accept."

6. Press the Home button.

7. Open the "Safari" application.

8. If your device does not automatically load the UAB network registration page, attempt to open in Safari.

9. You will be prompted for your BlazerID, Password, and a phone number.

10. After submitting the information the device will be registered on the uabwifi-nac network and will automatically connect any time it is in range.

Last modified on September 28, 2012