PGP Whole Disk Encryption - Portable Drives

NOTE:  Once the portable drive is encrypted, it will only be accessible on computers that have PGP installed. 

Encrypting a Portable Drive

  1. Open PGP Desktop and click PGP Disk on the left sidebar.
  2. Click Encrypt Whole Disk and then select the removable drive that you wish to encrypt.
  3. At the bottom of the window you will need to click the button next to New Passphrase User...
  4. When prompted, provide a username and password that will have access to the drive and then click OK.
  5. Now that a passphrase user is defined, you can click the Encrypt button at the top-right of the window; then click Yes to proceed

Using an Encrypted Portable Drive

You can use a portable drive that has been encrypted on any other computer with at least PGP Desktop 9.0 installed on it.  However, you will still need to log in using your passphrase to access the drive's contents.

With the computer on and running, plug the device into any USB or Firewire port.

  1. PGP Desktop will start up automatically, and the login screen will prompt you for your passphrase.  Enter your passphrase and begin working with the portable drive as you normally would.
  2. When you are done and all files on the portable drive have been saved and closed, be sure to exit the PGP Desktop before safely removing the device.

Unrecognized Device Errors

The message displayed below is what you will receive if the portable drive has enver been installed on the computer.  Note that the message at the top of the window says "Unlock disk".  This issue is easily resolved by waiting for Windows to install the device, unplugging the device and then reconnecting it. 


The message below indicates that the device is installed and recognized correctly.  Note that the top of this message box says "Unlock disk ''.

If you are still having issues with unlocking the device, please see the documentation under PGP-Support-General->Common Solutions to Password Related Issues for troubleshooting and recovery steps.

Last modified on September 28, 2012