Apple/Mac Recommended Systems/Versions

OSX 10.8 and Java 1.7.0_13

UAB IT’s minimum recommendations for versions of Mac browsers and Java have changed as UAB systems have improved functionality that are compatible with the current version of Java.  UAB IT recommends installation of Mac OSX 10.8 and Java 1.7.0_13.  Apple operating systems will not run any version lower than Java 1.7.0_13.

UAB IT is also recommending using two different browsers — one for surfing the Web and one just for accessing UAB systems. For Internet Web browsing, use one of the following: Firefox with Java disabled, Safari, or Chrome. For working with just UAB systems, choose a different browser and enable Java to work in it. If you run into compatibility issues with the local browser and UAB IT systems, use the IT terminal servers to access UAB resources via RDP client. For more information, contact AskIT.