Getting Started in the Blackboard LMS - Upload Your Syllabus

Upload Your Syllabus

On the course home page, on the top left corner of the page, you will see a list of links similar to the image below. This is the course menu. To add a link to your syllabus in the course menu:


Click on the syllabus link to access the content area you have created and you will see this set of menus across the top of the content frame:


On this page:




At this point, just ignore the Standard Options listed under "2." and hit submit. You’ll then see this screen, with Blackboard helpfully telling you that you have succeeded in your quest:


And it speaks the turhth, you have now successfully uploaded your syllabus. For the skeptics among us, we can confirm using that students can access what we've uploaded using the Edit Mode OFF view:


The syllabus is loaded. A couple other useful features allow you to communicate with students: email, and Announcements.
Let's look at email first.