ATTNet Service Ending 9/28/2012

ATTNET Service Users

We have been notified that the State of Alabama will no longer subsidize in-state long distance (ATTNET) service.  Currently, this service is accessed by campus and hospital extensions by dialing 8+1 + area code + number for in -state long distance calls.

The ATTNET service will be discontinued as of 9/28/2012.   After this date, all long distance calls must be completed by dialing 9+1 + area code + number.   Standard UAB long distance rates will apply (currently $.05/minute).  Any calls made using the 8+1 dialing code after 9/28/2012 will receive an announcement stating that ATTNET service is no longer available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this last minute change may cause. If you have any questions, or issues reprogramming auto-dialers, please contact our help desk at 4-7777.

Last modified on December 05, 2012