Preparing to Use i>Clickers in Your Course

Preparing to use i>Clickers is your Course

A. Download the integration files:

  1. Click heretto download the integration files needed to ensure you can transfer information (You will be prompted to enter your blazer ID and password).
    1. Click on the drop-down menu
    2. Select iClicker and follow the directions provided.
  2. Extract the appropriate set of files (Select appropriate set of files for Windows [4 files] or Mac[3 files])
  3. IF you intend using both Windows and MAC, [e.g. a classroom PC and a home Mac] you will need to take these steps .
  4. Copy the selected files to the resources folder within the i>clicker software on your flash drive

B. Set up the student registration link in your course:

  1. Create a content area in your course (alternatively, you can use an existing content area. Click here for help on creating a content area).
  2. Within this content area, Select Tools, More Tools, then Select i>clicker Remote Registration:


The following page will be displayed, just click Submit:


When your students enter your course, they will see the following link:



Students will click on the link and enter their remote ID: