Oracle - Educational Leave of Absence

An Educational Leave of Absence is available to regular staff employees for up to 12 months to pursue education or training that will lead to increased job ability. For eligible assignment categories and eligibility requirements, click here. (You and UAB Section 4.13).

A formal, written request for educational leave must be submitted to the employee's department head at least one month before the beginning date of the leave. Educational leave is subject to the approval of the hospital administrator or appropriate dean or vice-president. For more details concerning Educational Leaves, click here.

Information you need to know before creating an Education with pay or without pay document:

  • Begin and end date of the approved Educational Leave of Absence.
  • Amount of Accrued Benefit Time the employee has available:

Biweekly paid employees - accrual balances can be viewed in the Administrative System using the "View Biweekly Accrual Balances" menu option. For instructions on how to view the View Biweekly Accrual Balances, click here .

Monthly paid employees - accrual time balances are monitored on the departmental level; monthly paid employee accrual balances are not maintained or monitored in the Administrative System.

  • During an educational leave of absence personal holiday and accrued vacation time must be paid through standard payroll procedures before an employee can be placed in a "non-paid" status.
  • Begin and end date of any portion of the educational leave of absence to be without pay.

Documentation has been developed to assist end users in processing Educational Leave of Absence documents; you may access the training documentation by clicking on the appropriate link.

Last modified on September 28, 2012