Oracle - Nonrecurring Element/Recurring Element

The Nonrecurring Element and the Recurring Element ACT document reasons are identified as Element Type ACT documents.

Nonrecurring Element ACT documents are used to compensate employees/trainees for specific duties or activities. For a listing of available pay elements on a Nonrecurring Element ACT document, click here.

For more details on nonrecurring element payments, refer to the Payroll Services website by clicking on the following link: UAB Financial Affairs - Payroll Services Overview.

Recurring Element ACT documents are used to cost or distribute Average Flat Rate charges on Post Doc Trainee's (20). For detailed Average Flat Rate charges, click here.

Step-by-step instructions have been developed to assist ends users with the processing of Element Type ACT documents.

Instructions can be accessed by clicking on the green links below:


Creating a Nonrecurring Element payment
Stopping a Nonrecurring Element payment
Creating a Recurring Element payment/deduction/charge

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Last modified on September 28, 2012