Using Clickers

UAB Clickers

In an effort to establish a well supported, cost-effective use of clickers ("classroom interactive response systems"), and to assist with their integration across campus, UAB has selected i>Clicker as the standard UAB Response System. The i>Clicker2 system was chosen for its ease of use, compatibility with UAB computing environment and technical support.

Purchasing the i>clicker2

Student i>clicker2 units are available through the Barnes & Noble UAB bookstore and Snoozy's. The current retail price is $45 per unit; there are no annual license fees. To register the unit, please review the instructions provided in your course. The unit can be used in multiple classes.


Swap out your existing Clicker

Students who have already purchased an eps or Turning point clicker through the UAB bookstore will be able to exchange that unit for the i>clicker2 unit at no additional charge. The exchange dates for Summer and Fall 2013 terms will be posted to this page.

Please Note: i>Clicker will exhcange eps and turnign Technologies clickers only; they will not exchange previousversions of the i>clicker.

To register your i>clicker:

1. Your instructor will create a link to the i>clicker registration page in your course:

2. Click on this link to access the following page, then enter your clicker remote ID in the box shown below:

Self-paced Polling User Guide

Last modified on August 16, 2013