Oracle - UAB Self Service Views

The UAB Self Service Views is the default Oracle Administrative Systems responsibility automatically assigned to ex-employees, ex-trainees and ex-volunteers. 

The UAB Self Service Views responsibility provides the ex-employee, ex-trainee or ex-volunteer viewable access to their personal information, assignment history and salary history archived in the Oracle Administrative System.  The ex-employee and ex-trainee can view their biweekly/monthly Payslips issued during their employment or traineeship at UAB; ex-employee's also have the ability to create an Employment Verification Report (including or excluding salary) for the period of time in which they were employed with UAB.   

The UAB Self Service Views responsibility can be accessed by logging into the Oracle Administrative System using their Blazer ID and Strong Password

A window similar to the one below will display. 

Click on UAB Self Service Views for menu options to display (see screenshot below). 

Instructional documentation can be accessed by clicking on the menu options listed below.



UAB Self Service Views Menu Options

View final home address/phone number of record

Personal Information

View historical payslip information


View historical employment/salary information

Employee Views

View historical W-2 information

Employee W-2

Print a verifcation of UAB Employment

Employment Verification Request

Last modified on October 18, 2012