New Features of Blackboard Learn 9.1

UAB implemented a service pack upgrade for Blackboard Learn 9.1 on August 12th, 2013, and this change results in a new look and feel and some new features to the Blackboard environment.

The information below provides a summary of major changes and links to additional content on the change.

*Student information on new features in Blackboard Learn Service Pack 13.

*Not all features may be available for the system as a whole or for certain schools.

Global Navigation & My Blackboard Create a blackboard profile
New discussion thread and post features Social Learning Tools
Calendar Video Everywhere
**My Blackboard  

Submitting Assignments using Turnitin

Some of your instructors might use Turnitin to manage written assessments. The document below walks you you through the process of submitting work to this system.

Submitting Turnitin Assignments

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a platform of tools that provides synchronous video and audio interaction, display, and collaborative tools for online and blended courses. It is the result of a merger between the elluminate and Wimba systems.

This system is being used on a pilot basis on some UAB courses during the Fall 2012 term. It provides many of the same features and functions that Wimba does, and will be the UAB online classroom tool from Fall 2013 forward.

The following links provide information on using the system from the participant perspective. If your course uses Bb Collaborate, please use these links to familiarize yourself with this tool.

Collaborate Online Orientation Check System Requirements
Participant Reference Guide Quick Start Guide
July 03, 2013

Using Clickers

UAB Clickers

In an effort to establish a well supported, cost-effective use of clickers ("classroom interactive response systems"), and to assist with their integration across campus, UAB has selected i>Clicker as the standard UAB Response System. The i>Clicker2 system was chosen for its ease of use, compatibility with UAB computing environment and technical support.

Purchasing the i>clicker2

Student i>clicker2 units are available through the Barnes & Noble UAB bookstore and Snoozy's. The current retail price is $45 per unit; there are no annual license fees. To register the unit, please review the instructions provided in your course. The unit can be used in multiple classes.


Swap out your existing Clicker

Students who have already purchased an eps or Turning point clicker through the UAB bookstore will be able to exchange that unit for the i>clicker2 unit at no additional charge. The exchange dates for Summer and Fall 2013 terms will be posted to this page.

Please Note: i>Clicker will exhcange eps and turnign Technologies clickers only; they will not exchange previousversions of the i>clicker.

To register your i>clicker:

1. Your instructor will create a link to the i>clicker registration page in your course:

2. Click on this link to access the following page, then enter your clicker remote ID in the box shown below:

Self-paced Polling User Guide

Blackboard Connect for Learn

Blackboard Connect for Learn is a tool that you and your instructors can use to ensure you get up-to-date course information.

When you opt-in to receive notifications through the Connect for Learn system, you can receive automated alerts for a variety of course changes including assignment due dates and grade posts by voice, text, or email.

Your instructors can also send messages via SMS or Text-to-voice to ensure that you get up-to-the-minute information related to your courses.

How to sign up for Notifications

Go to the UAB e-notify page:

NOTE: It could take several hours for this update to propogate to the Blackboard system.

Next, log in to Blackboard and select My Places:


If you have not provided a number for Bb Connect for Learn to use through the e-notify page, or that number has not yet been imported into the Blackboard LMS, you will not be able to select these options, and the following message (yellow boxes) will display:

Blackboard Learn Student Tutorial

Click on the image for a walk-through on logging in, navigating your course, assessments, and communication tools.
You can also find additional video tutorial help here.

This tutorial walks you through accessing the Blackboard system, navigating your courses, and working with tools, assignments and tests. You'll also learn the major communication features available. Although your courses could look considerably different depending on how your instructor intends to use the system, the basics will be the same, so this tutorial will help orient you in any course.

You can help avoid problems by ensuring that you are using a supported browser and you follow a standard naming convention when uploading files. Also, if you run into problems related to how your browser displays, try clearing your cache, as this can help clear up temporary rendering problems.

To help ensure a smooth ride through the system, you should also keep the following in mind:

  • BBLearn uses browser windows to deliver requested content. Some pop-up blockers interpret these windows as pop-ups and block them. If you have installed a pop-up blocker, turn it off while using the Learning System.
  • If you are prompted to accept a Java Security Certificate., you must click Yes or Always to ensure that BBLearn functionality using Java will work properly in your browser.
  • Avoid using a wireless network connection when taking tests. Wireless connections can be interrupted by interference from other devices or because the public wireless access point where you are is saturated.
  • If you experience problems with the chat tool, uploading files, or opening the text editor, verify or update the Java Certificate on your computer.

And if you run into trouble, the AskIT help desk is always there to support you.