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February 21, 2013

Student Quicklinks


2013-2014 Academic Year

 UAB Information Technology strives to provide consistent, accessible, personalized and collaborative environments to enhance the student experience. The quicklinks below provide a ‘get-started’ list of the most common services students ask about. For even more information and resources available to the student community visit

BlazerID and Password

Most of UAB's secured online resources require you to log in using your BlazerID and password.  You probably already have a BlazerID; however,  if you are not sure or if you need to change your password, you can visit BlazerID Central at  As of January 1, 2014 a new password/passphrase standard is in effect. In accordance with the new standard student passwords will expire at 180 day intervals.  You will receive multiple advance notifications of a pending password expiration date.  


Using your BlazerID and password, log into BlazerNet, UAB's student portal - From there you will be able to link to class registration, grades, financial aid and other academic resources.


Quicklinks EmailYour UAB e-mail address ( is the place to look for all official correspondence from UAB. To check or update your e-mail preferences, visit BlazerID Central at To register a UAB account, click “Get A UAB Email Account” on the left side of the web page.  This service is available at no cost to all active students, and provides up to 1GB of mail storage.  Currently, you can access your account with any Microsoft Outlook client, or through the web via  Beginning in May 2014 UAB will be transitioning students to Microsoft Office 365 email.  This will provide 50GB of storage plus other features. If your email account has been migrated to Office 365, you should use to access your mailbox. For help with email configuration, visit the FAQ link:to

File Size & UAB Dropbox

Your mailbox has 1GB of space, and the size limit for attachments is 30MB.  Large attachments should be sent via the UAB Drop Box at

Wireless Networks

Stay connected on campus by accessing the UAB WiFi network using your BlazerID and password: For information about Apogee ResNet in the dorms, click here.

Mobile Users

Have an Apple or Android mobile device? Download the free UAB Mobile app which provides access to class schedules, maps, Campus Directory, news and athletics, and Blackboard Mobile Learn:

Online Classroom/Blackboard & Canvas

Online courses are available via UAB’s online classroom, Blackboard (log in with your BlazerID and password at For support, check out the Blackboard self-help options at  Students generally have access to their specific Blackboard courses on the first day of the term, but faculty may arrange for earlier or later access.  Beginning in Summer 2014, UAB will begin transitioning to Canvas as the learning management system. All courses will be in Canvas for Fall 2014.  To access Canvas, visit the Canvas website at 

Recommended System Specifications & Computer Setup

UAB IT provides recommendations on computer specifications for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows PC laptop and desktop systems, and guidance on how to prepare your computer for use at UAB (before you arrive on campus). Visit and select from the available resources for more detail.

Software & Computers

UAB IT offers an extensive library of software for free or at discounted pricing, including antivirus software, Microsoft Office products and more. Through UAB's relationship with Dell, many computer products are available at a discount to students (and parents on behalf of students).  Visit and select from the available resources for more detail.

Computer Labs

computerUAB maintains several student computing labs which are open to all current students with a valid BlazerID. For locations and hours, visit

Campus Directory

The online directory contains contact information for students, faculty, staff and all UAB entities:

Higher Education Opportunity Act & Digital Rights Compliance

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) includes provisions to reduce the illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing of movies, videos, music, etc. More information, including how UAB detects and responds to illegal downloading activity, can be found at

IT Policies

policiesIndividuals who use UAB technology resources are required to read the Acceptable Use Policy in its entirety. This and other IT policies, standards and best practices can be found on the UAB IT website:

Help Desk

help deskFor support with all things IT contact AskIT, UAB's IT help desk. Many self-help articles and FAQs are available on the AskIT website.  To access the FAQs, open a ticket or chat with an agent visit, or call AskIT at 205-996-5555.  Hours of operation vary and are posted on the website.


Students can register their cell phone for various notifications from around campus.  From notifications about postings in the learning management system, to reminders about registration deadlines, to being able to reset your BlazerID password remotely (24x7) all starts with registering your cell phone and selecting which services you want to take advantage of. Visit and sign up today.


February 20, 2013

VMWare Academic Software



The VMware Academic Program, provided as a service to the UAB STEM Community through UAB IT, accelerates instruction and research in the rapidly expanding area of virtualized infrastructure by providing faculty and students involved with science, technology, engineering, and math courses (STEM) with access to the virtualization technologies most widely used in commercial production environments.

  • STEM Faculty can use VMware software under specific usage guidelines in a variety of areas of academic research and classroom instruction.
  • STEM Students can use this software free of charge for one year with yearly renewals as part of qualified coursework or research projects.


With UAB's annual subscription qualified members of the academic community in a STEM course can utilize the VMware Academic Program in the following areas:

Instruction – STEM Faculty within member institutions gain access to VMware software licenses free of cost for the purpose of classroom instruction.  STEM Students taking qualified courses can also install program software on their personal computers.

Research – STEM Faculty within member institutions gain access to VMware software licenses free of cost as a part of their research projects. Program software can be installed in research labs (open a ticket with AskIT ( to inquire about lab installations) as well on the personal computers of faculty and students involved in research projects.

Use of VMware software for instruction and research is governed by specific program guidelines and the conditions described within the VMware Academic Program EULA (End-User License Agreement) and all faculty/students installing VMWare products should be familiar with the licensing and comply. The use of software for infrastructure purposes is governed by the VMware Commercial EULA and not included under this Academic Program.

VMWare maintains strict compliance guidelines for the Academic Program and the following links are provided to ensure that specific licensing details are always the most up to date version and available to the UAB Community.  Each user of this program is responsible for ensuring they understand and are in compliance with the licensing requirements at all times.

Usage Guidelines 

End User License Agreement

Examples of Acceptable Use

  • The free single use licenses provided through The VMware Academic Program may be used for instruction and non-commercial research only. Please refer to the definitions of instructional and research use below
  • Lab licenses may only be installed in lab environments where the lab is primarily used for instructional and research purposes.
  • Program software installed in shared lab environments can be used across different courses offered by different faculty members. 
  • Faculty members as well as staff directly involved in administering systems and providing support for program software may install the software on their personal computers
  • Students taking qualified courses or conducting research can access program software within lab machines or download programs software on their personal computers. Students receiving licenses through a qualifying course or research project may use the licenses after the course or project is concluded.
  • Multiple academic groups in an institution may join the Program if each group meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Every copy of the software must be a true and complete copy and it must include all copyright and trademark notices. All software made available must include all of the files.


Examples of Unacceptable Use

  • Students who are in an approved department but are not taking courses that lead to credit or a certificate or who are not involved in relevant research projects are not eligible to use the software.
  • Students, faculty members, or other parties that received a license under the program but no longer attend or are employed by the institution.
  • Staff members who are not directly involved with system administration related to the program, such as administrative assistants, may not install the software on their personal computers.
  • Software that is part of the program may not be shared with non-approved departments. However, it may be installed on shared labs if the approved department's students regularly use that lab.
  • The designated Program Administrator for the member approved may not be a teaching assistant or a student. However, teaching assistants or students may help the Program Administrator with the program.
  • The software provided by VMAP may not be sold, rented, leased, or transferred to any third party including contractors, consultants, other companies, and other department personnel.
  • Software cannot be used for infrastructure purposes. Licenses acquired through the VMware Academic Program are for instructional, research and personal use only.
  • The software provided by VMAP may not be used for any purpose outside of instructional, research and personal use.
  • vSphere licenses provided under this program may not be used for desktop virtualization.


Use of free VMware software for instruction and research is governed by the specific program guidelines and the conditions described within the Academic EULA and the use of software for infrastructure purposes is governed by the VMware EULA for each of the products.


Definitions of Instructional, Research and Infrastructure Use

  • Instructional use is defined as conducting educational classes, labs, or related programs for teaching or learning concepts related to the products that are part of this program.
  • Research use is defined as conducting not-for-profit research projects.
  • Infrastructure use is defined as use of software as a part of the institution's or department's infrastructure that's not intended for specific classroom instruction or research project


IMPORTANT: These guidelines are provided for your convenience only. Please refer to the VMware Academic Program EULA for specific license rights.

For STEM students and faculty/staff

  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware Player
  • VMware eLearning
  • VMware Sales Professional Certification


For STEM faculty/staff only

  • VMware vSphere Enterprise
  • VMware vCenter Server Standard
  • VMware vCloud Director

Software is available by download only to faculty/staff/students via the website below. Logon using your BlazerID and Password.  UAB will validate your participation in the program and pass the appropriate information to the web store. All UAB users can logon to the site, but only those faculty/staff/students validated as STEM will be allowed to actually order products.

VMAP - VMWare Academic Program logon  Order NOW


February 18, 2013

Dell Home-Use Purchases

Dell Products for UAB Students & Faculty/Staff Home Use

Through UAB's relationship with Dell, many products are available to students (and parents on behalf of students) and faculty/staff for purchase for home use.  Check this page often as Dell regularly provides notices of sales and discounted items and they will be posted here.  Remember, these are Dell's prices and are not negotiated by UAB, but simply discounted offerings that Dell is making available to the education community. You will need the UAB Member ID provided below. 


Member ID: US116018898

Phone Dell's sales team: 800-695-8133

Click on the ad to enlarge.

University of Alabama at Birmingham DellU BlackFriday Flyer



Persons who are formally affiliated with UAB gain access to university-managed electronic resources by means of an officially recognized credential called a “BlazerID."  A non-UAB person who needs access to these resources is not eligible to create a BlazerID, and is thus required to obtain a guest username and password.  Guest accounts (also referred to as “XIAS” accounts) must be sponsored by a UAB employee, and are subject to an approval and setup process. 

Who is a guest?

Guest accounts can be used for many purposes at UAB.  Guests can fall into a number of categories, including but not limited to:

  • A researcher accessing data stored on a UAB SharePoint site
  • A colleague from another institution who needs to access a UAB file share
  • A vendor that is remotely supporting a UAB-owned system via VPN
  • A site visitor conducting an accreditation review who needs local network access
  • A consultant who needs system access to conduct on-site installation or maintenance  
  • A high school guidance counselor who needs access to Banner



As a Sponsor, use the links below to begin the process of setting up a guest account.  Once you have completed the underlying form(s), the sponsored user or users will receive automated emails that will guide them through the process of completing the setup.  Once the setup is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and information on next steps.

I would like to…

      Give a guest access to hardware or software that they support in your area

      Give a guest access to the UAB VPN

      Give a guest access to a SharePoint site or other Windows-based resource

      Give a guest external access to the Admin Systems


As a guest, you will receive an automated email that with instructions on how to complete the setup of your sponsored account.  You can use the link below to manage certain aspects of your account, such as a forgotten password.  Please note that as a guest you are not able to initiate the account creation process; this must be done by a valid UAB-affiliated sponsor.

       Manage my guest account


January 10, 2013

VPN Access

Click here to visit the full VPN website.


January 10, 2013

Streaming Services

Streaming Services



UAB IT provides several for-fee streaming services via a Wowza Streaming Server hosted on the UAB campus. The Wowza solution provides capabilities for both live streaming and archiving of recorded sessions/events and streams content to all of the most popular devices and protocols.Order Now Click and complete the online form.NOTE: if your request involves academic material (defined as material associated with an ACTIVE Banner course) some media/streaming services may be available to you at no cost. If you believe your content meets the Academic criteria click here for Media Services for Academic Courses.


  1. Live Streaming: User must provide capture equipment, network connection(s) and personnel for onsite; IT provides management of the stream and streaming server; Billed based on actual hours stream is active with a 2 hour minimum and in hourly increments; separate fee to archive the stream for future viewing. See the pricing section for more information.
  2. Archived Content and On-Demand Streaming: setup fee is per directory/folder; a separate directory is required for each account string; billed at actual storage used (with min Gb requirement). Two options for storage are available including both individual file storage and bulk storage managed by the end-user department.  Some storage may be at no cost if the content is considered academic in nature (academic being defined/determined based on the material being associated with an active course in Banner.)  See the pricing section for more information.

 Streaming Service 




One-Time Setup Recurring
 Live Stream  $100.00
$32.00 / hour (during 
regular business hours
assuming basic facilitation;
availability during
other periods is limited and
at an additional cost)

2 hour min. billing

User must provide capture equipment, network connection(s) and personnel; IT provides management of the stream and streaming server; Billed based on actual hours stream is active with a 2 hour minimum and in hourly increments; separate fee to archive the stream for future viewing

Archiving & On-Demand Streaming(Individual file/event basis)

See Note below related to 
Academic use/billing.

 $45.00 / Gb annually 

 Setup fee is per directory/folder; a separate directory is required for each account string; billed at actual storage used and in 1Gb increments (min 1 Gb billing); if you have previously set up On-Demand, the set-up fee will not apply.

Archiving & On-Demand Streaming(Bulk storage)


$200 / 10Gb annually


Setup fee for top level directory; a separate directory is required for each account string; billed in increments of 10gb; user group manages all uploading, directories, etc.; if you have previously set up On-Demand, the set-up fee will not apply.

 NOTE: For individual archived files (not bulk services) if the content is determined to be for Academic Use (defined by the material being associated with an ACTIVE Banner course) there may be no cost for the services. If you believe your content meets the Academic criteria, contact Instructional Technology at 205-934-0429 for more details or click here.

  • Wowza Media Server 3 is compatible with Flash Player, Silverlight Smooth Streaming player, QuickTime player, VLC, native playback on iOS devices, as well as with a variety of native H.264/AAC capable players on 3GPP, set-top boxes, and other devices.
  • Wowza Media Server 3 supports several variants of RTMP as well as HDS for Flash, Silverlight Smooth Streaming, Apple HLS for iPhone/iPad and other compatible devices, RTSP/RTP for Android, QuickTime and other 3GPP mobile devices, and MPEG-TS for set-top boxes. See specifications for a current list of supported protocols.
  • Wowza Media Server 3 supports streaming to many types of devices, including PCs, Macs, iPhones/iPads and other devices supporting HLS, Android smart phones/tablets, other 3GPP smartphones/tablets, Internet connected TVs, IPTV/OTT set-top boxes, etc.
December 19, 2012

Microsoft Dreamspark

DreamsparkMicrosoft Dreamspark Premium is now available to all UAB STEM programs at no cost. The Dreamspark program supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes for faculty & students engaged in a STEM program (science, technology, engineering, math). UAB will be working to make a limited selection of products available to non-STEM programs, but current access to the Dreamspark products is for STEM programs only. For more guidelines on the appropriate rights for installation and use of products under the Dreamspark program click here.

According to Microsoft "DreamSpark is simple: it's all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools at no cost so that students can chase their dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology - or just get a head start on their career."  While most of the software is free, some items are at a small cost and if ordered you must provide a valid form of payment.  However, those fee-based products should not be required as part of any course at UAB.

DreamSpark helps educators teach the latest technologies and experiment in research. To make learning more motivating, relevant, and engaging for today's students requires a diverse set of resources. DreamSpark gives educators the resources to ensure their classrooms always have the latest technologies to challenges, motivate, and keep students engaged in new ways.

Access to the Dreamspark program is through an external webportal managed by UAB IT.  Login using your BlazerID and strong password (don't worry, the authentication takes place using a secure connection back to UAB...your password is never provided to the external website).

NOTE: While anyone with a valid BlazerID can login to the Dreamspark site, only those students and faculty engaged in a STEM program are currently authorized to order/download any software.  Your ability to participate in the program is based on the information UAB passes to Dreamspark during the login process.

For more guidelines on the appropriate rights for installation and use of products under the Dreamspark program click here.


Step 1: Get Started Here >>> Order Now - DREAMSPARK Website (see instructions below...login using Single-Sign-on option)

Step 2: Click Sign-in (top right)



Step 3: Sign In using your BlazerID via Single Sign-On (box on the left)

As part of the University's contract review process, UAB IT is responsible forcontract reviewing any University contract that includes an IT or IT related component prior to such contract being executed.  The information and sample addendum, below, provide details on how to ensure that your IT related contract can be routed for execution in a timely manner. Questions on the process or requirements should be directed to UAB IT
What constitutes an IT related contract or agreement? (see note below about renewals)
  • Contracts* for software, subscriptions, or services (including software maintenance) that include  
    • Hosting/processing/transmission of UAB data external to UAB
    • PCI (Payment Card Industry) acceptance/processing of credit card transactions
    • Design, creation, maintenance, support, and/or hosting of any website/webpage
    • Personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI) - does not include Health System Agreements which are managed by HSIS
    • Audit language
    • Custom software development
    • Hardware purchase with embedded software with any of the above
  • *NOTE: For agreements that include the type of information listed above, documents/agreements must be executable, meaning they have signature lines for both UAB and the vendor.  Printing a 'click-agreement' or printing language from a website and submitting as an 'agreement' for review does not guarantee that the vendor will ever see changes/addendums that UAB may make or add to the agreement. 

What can I provide my vendor in advance so they are aware of the contract requirements?

  • For most agreements the following two addendums will be added during the routing process.  You can provide those addendums to your vendor in advance for their review and acceptance/signature prior to routing at UAB and include them in the routing packet.  
    • The general UAB Addendum (found on the Financial Affairs contract website) which covers information related to State, University, and Legal issues/clarifications.  Any changes to the UAB addendum must be approved by University Contracts.
    • The UAB Information Technology Addendum which covers additional confidentiality, information security, and liability language to mitigate any issues related to the items/concerns above. Portions of the IT Addendum may be applicable to only certain agreements and that applicability is detailed in the various sections of the addendum.  Any changes to the IT addendum must be reviewed and approved by UAB IT. 
  • For agreements that include HIPAA (health related information) a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) may also be required. For information related to the BAA see the UAB HIPAA website


What do I need to ensure is included in my routing packet to UAB Contracts?
In addition to the requirements shown on the Financial Affairs contract review process website the following items are needed to ensure a timely review:
  • For RENEWAL agreements*: please ensure that a copy of the original, underlying, governing agreement that was previously executed between UAB and the vendor is included with the routing packet, including any subsequent addendums.  If that original agreement included the IT Addendum and UAB Addendum, no additional language may be necessary as long as the renewal document references the original agreement and not a new document. If the original agreement did not include the IT Addendum, please have it reviewed/executed by your vendor and attach to the renewal agreement when routing.
  • For NEW agreements:* please ensure that a copy of the full, underlying, governing agreement (license, EULA, professional services, etc) and any documents referenced in such agreement such as separate maintenance, support, privacy, statement of work, etc. are included with the routing packet.  Submission of an order form, quote, schedule, etc. without the full underlying terms/conditions document will cause delays in the review process as those documents will be requested before the review can be completed. In addition, please have your vendor review/execute the UAB Addendum and UAB IT Addendums and attach them to the new agreement when routing. 

*NOTE: For agreements that include the type of information listed above, documents/agreements must be executable, meaning they have signature lines for both UAB and the vendor.  Printing a 'click-agreement' or printing language from a website and submitting as an 'agreement' for review does not guarantee that the vendor will ever see changes/addendums that UAB may make or add to the agreement. 


Link to UAB IT Addendum