October 26, 2012

Oracle Software

UAB's Oracle agreement includes both site-licensed product available to the UAB community (for installation on UAB owned systems) and limited-use products based on a specific number of installations, users, or use.  The current agreement renews each August and requires an annual payment and an annual true-up (purchase of additional licenses) to cover additional FTEs over the base FTEs covered the previous year. 

The following Oracle products are covered under a site license and are available to the entire UAB system at no additional cost and may be used in a production environment. They may be downloaded directly from Oracle by clicking on the product below. Server products are for use on Solaris, AIX, OS/390, UNIX, and Windows. Client products are for use on Windows and MAC.

Software may be downloaded directly from Oracle via their TechNet site .  You are only authorized to download products for production use from the Oracle site that is listed in the Products A"vailable section above.  Both current versions and archived versions of Oracle DB are available on the Oracle web site.  In general, all versions of the referenced database products are authorized under the UAB agreement including the most recent release.  Should the link not point to the most recent release of a product, please contact AskIT for assistance.
October 26, 2012


UAB has purchased an IBM SPSS campus-wide license that will provide UAB users free access to analytics.

The IBM SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive system for analyzing data. SPSS Statistics can take data from almost any type of file and use them to generate tabulated reports, charts, and plots of distributions and trends, descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analyses. It makes statistical analysis more accessible for the beginner and more convenient for experienced users. Simple menus and dialog box selections make it possible to perform complex analyses without typing a single line of command syntax.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Base offers a wide range of statistical procedures for basic analyses and reports, including counts, crosstabs and descriptive statistics, OLAP Cubes and codebook reports. It also provides a variety of dimension reduction, classification and segmentation techniques such as factor analysis, cluster analysis, nearest neighbor analysis and discriminant function analysis includes the following key capabilities:

 Linear models offer a variety of regression and advanced statistical procedures. They are
designed to fit the inherent characteristics of data describing complex relationships.
 Nonlinear models provide the ability to apply more sophisticated models to data.
 Simulation capabilities help analysts automatically model many possible outcomes when
inputs are uncertain, improving risk analysis and decision making.
 Customized tables enable users to easily understand their data and quickly summarize
results in different styles.
The IBM SPSS Campus Wide license also includes the following modules:
 Advanced Statistics focuses on techniques often used in experimental and biomedical
research. It includes procedures for general linear models (GLM), linear mixed models,
variance components analysis, loglinear analysis, ordinal regression, actuarial life tables,
Kaplan-Meier survival analysis, and basic and extended Cox regression.
 Custom Tables creates a variety of presentation-quality tabular reports, including complex
stub-and-banner tables and displays of multiple response data.
 Regression provides techniques for analyzing data that do not fit traditional linear statistical
models. It includes procedures for prohibit analysis, logistic regression, weight estimation,
two-stage least-squares regression, and general nonlinear regression.

This software is FREE to download from the UAB IT Software Library to full-time faculty, staff and students. ORDER/Download NOW You will be required to enter your Blazerid, strong password and accept the “License and Usage Terms."

Instructions for installing SPSS.

To inquire or purchase additional modules, you may go directly to the SPSS web store at www.SPSS.com/Academic; or go online to www.uab.edu/AskIT and submit a “new issue” with your request and/or questions.

IBM SPSS Campus will upgrade every year and the latest version of this software will be available by November 1. You must either upgrade to the latest version or install a renewal key to continue to use the previous year's version. Only 1 previous version year will be supported by SPSS. If you choose, you may continue to use the version that you currently have downloaded, but SPSS will not support that version should you encounter any problems or purchase a new machine.

October 26, 2012


UAB IT has purchased a SAS Campus Wide license that will provide University users free download access to many of the SAS analytics tools. Information on availability and licensing can be found in the tabs below.

NOTE about SAS-JMP: JMP is not covered under UAB IT's SAS offering. However, the School of Public Health maintains a license for SAS-JMP.  If you are interested in pricing/licensing for the JMP product please contact Daphne McMurrey (dduck@uab.edu) in the SPH. Payment must be made with internal requisition or cash/check.

The SAS Campus Wide license is an integrated system of software products which enables large-scale solutions and allows programmers to perform the following and more: Retrieval, Data Management, and Data Mining; Report writing and graphics; Statistical Analysis; Business Planning, Forecasting, and Decision support; Operations Research and Project Management; Quality Improvement; Applications Development; Data Warehousing (extract, transform, load); Platform Independent and Remote Computing; IT Management; Human Resource Management; Business intelligence; Customer Relationship Management. 

SAS requires that this software be used for Teaching/Research only as described here:
Software used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research and course work primarily related to customer's post-secondary degree requirements. If you need a SAS administrative license, please contact AskIT for more information.
For additional information regarding this software, please go online to http://www.uab.edu/askit and submit a “new issue” with your request and/or questions.
This software is available for download through Kivuto's 'On-the-Hub' online service to full-time faculty, staff and students.Order Now
(note: logon and select SAS from the dropdown menu). You will be required to enter your Blazerid, strong password and accept the “License and Usage Terms”.  
SAS requires that this software be used for Teaching/Research only as described here: software used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research and course work primarily related to customer's post-secondary degree requirements. If you need a SAS Administrarive license, please contact AskIT for more information. 

SAS will provide upgrades every year to the latest version; this software should be available for download by November 1st. SAS licenses expire annually on December 31st; if the version is not upgraded to the latest verstion.SAS downloads 1 thru 3 (on the IT Software Library download site) have the images needed for your installation. SAS “4 of 4” will provide the INI File needed to license the software. Installation instructions are provided with the software download documentation.

October 26, 2012



MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. The language, tools, and built-in math functions enable you to explore multiple approaches and reach a solution faster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages, such as C/C++ or Java.

You can use MATLAB for a range of applications, including signal processing and communications, image and video processing, control systems, test and measurement, computational finance, and computational biology. More than a million engineers and scientists in industry and academia use MATLAB, the language of technical computing.
For more information and installation instructions click below:

LabVIEW is a powerful graphical development environment, for signal acquisition, measurement analysis, and data presentation. LabVIEW also provides the flexibility of a programming language without the complexity of traditional development tools. LabVIEW is an open environment designed to make interfacing with any measurement hardware simple. With interactive assistants, code generation, and connectivity to thousands of devices, LabVIEW makes gathering data as simple as possible. LabVIEW has more than 500 built-in functions designed specifically for extracting useful information from any set of acquired data and for analyzing measurements and processing signals. LabVIEW also provides tools for data visualization, user interface design, Web publishing, report generation, data management, and software connectivity. For more info on the LabVIEW product see the National Instruments web site.

As a current subscriber to the National Instruments Academic Site License, UAB receives:

  • Unlimited installations of all NI software included in the NI Academic Site License for teaching or research across campus (see below for products included)
  • Unlimited one-on-one technical support by NI applications engineers via phone/e-mail [ni.com/support]
  • Automatic semiannual updates with new and upgraded software (May and November)
  • The following products are included unless noted otherwise:
  1. Control Design, Simulation, and Mechatronics
  2. LabVIEW
  3. Control Design Toolkit
  4. Simulation Module
  5. System Identification Toolkit
  6. State Diagram Toolkit
  7. LabVIEW FPGA Module
  8. LabVIEW Real-Time Module
  9. NI SoftMotion Development Module
  10. LabVIEW PDA Module
  11. Signal and Image Processing
  12. LabVIEW
  13. Digital Filter Design Toolkit
  14. LabVIEW DSP Module
  15. Adv. Signal Processing Toolkit
  16. Sound and Vibration Toolkit
  17. Modulation Toolkit
  18. Vision Development Module
  19. LabVIEW FPGA Module
  20. Spectral Measurements Toolkit
  21. Measurements and Instrumentation
  22. LabVIEW
  23. SignalExpress
  24. DIAdem
  25. LabVIEW PDA Module
  26. Sound and Vibration Toolkit
  27. Circuit Design and Simulation (This software is not included in the UAB site license.)
  28. RF and Wireless Communications
  29. LabVIEW
  30. Modulation Toolkit
  31. Spectral Measurements Toolkit
  32. Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit
  33. Embedded Systems Design
  34. LabVIEW
  35. LabVIEW Real-Time Module
  36. LabVIEW FPGA Module
  37. LabVIEW PDA Module

The media can be ordered through AskIT at 205-996-5555 or via e-mail (askit@uab.edu), but is not available for download.  Documentation (guides and manuals) is available on the LabVIEW web site - DOCUMENTATION.

October 25, 2012

Adobe Software

Adobe Creative Cloud provides access to Adobe's creative desktop apps and services, streamlined license management and flexible deployment.

For a tutorial on Adobe Creative Cloud and its applications, click here.

For pricing and ordering, visit the IT service portal.

January 01, 2012

Software Licenses

Click here for details on available software 


UAB makes software available to faculty, staff and students under a variety of licenses. These are:

  1. Site Licenses - In certain cases, UAB has negotiated with a software manufacturer pricing that will provide access to a software program to all faculty, staff and students on campus. UAB has paid for these software licenses and only needs to ensure that the users downloading the software are actually members of the UAB community.

    Software covered under site license is available free for download or for purchase with a nominal media fee.

    Examples: Microsoft Office (see Microsoft Campus Agreement), SAS, SPSS, EndNote (for campus)

  2. Volume Discount Licenses - Other software titles are covered under a Volume Discount license. UAB was able to negotiate a reduced price for a bulk quantity of licenses. Most of these titles are free for use by the UAB Community - the only difference is that the University must keep track and count the number of copies of the software being used, in order to comply with the license agreement.

    Software covered under volume discount license is usually free for download or for purchase with a nominal media fee.

    Example: Microsoft Visio, Adobe 

  3. Freeware - These software titles are free to use under the license provided with the software, and UAB did not have to negotiate any pricing to obtain the titles.

    Example: TN3270 Emulator Software for Mac
January 01, 2012

Gartner Research

Gartner Research

Provided as a service to the UAB Community through UAB IT, Gartner delivers technology-related insight and information to chief information officers and senior IT executives around the world. Through UAB's agreement with Gartner much of that insight and information is now available to all current UAB faculty, staff, and students.



Once logged on you can browse the site or search for specific research information. You can also set up alerts to automatically notify you when new information is added related to a topic of interest. Searching, browsing, and alerts are all free to use. Gartner also creates your profile using the Blazer login information. Profiles can easily be customized within the Gartner service. A link called "Your Profile" is at the top of every Gartner page.

The "Ask an Analyst" feature shown on the web site is not included free to Reference Users. Use of that feature is available only to certain Advisor Users and may result in additional costs to the University. Ask an Analyst provides one-to-one live contact for requesting additional research.

The Quickstart Guide provides more detail on how to search, browse, and set up alerts.  The Registration section is not appropriate to UAB as you logon as indicated above through BlazerNet...do not follow the Registration instructions in the Quickstart Guide.