Best Practices for Internal Electronic Communications

UAB has several options for communicating internally with faculty, staff and students. Review the ones below to determine the appropriate method to best reach your audience within UAB guidelines.

University Relations works with faculty and staff to develop and distribute institutional news and information in several ways:


The eReporter

The eReporter , an electronic newsletter, is a companion to the UAB Reporter  website  and the recommended alternative to mass emails. It is distributed twice weekly to all UAB employees in the campus directory. To submit news and/or information to be considered for publication, use the publicity request form at . Deadlines are Monday and Thursday at 10 a.m. for publication on Tuesdays/Fridays.



GreenMail is an electronic newsletter distributed to all UAB students on Wednesdays during the fall and spring semesters and alternate weeks during the summer, and it is the recommended alternative to mass emails. To submit news and/or information to be considered for publication, use the publicity request form at . The deadline is 10 a.m. Tuesday for publication on Wednesdays.


UAB Campus Calendar

The UAB Campus Calendar is the central location for promoting all campus events. Deadlines vary by sub-calendar; submit items for inclusion at least two business days in advance of event at



The BlazerNET welcome screen offers the option for displaying short messages on the portal for specifically targeted groups of students and/or faculty. Only messages that originate within the university and pertain to UAB will be posted.

To submit an announcement for the BlazerNET welcome screen, please provide:

  • A one- or two-sentence teaser for the message.
  • A description of your specific target audience (This can be something like "all faculty teaching in fall 2015 semester,except those in the schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry" or "currently enrolled undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences.")
  • The start and end date for the message to display. (not to extend beyond the academic period).
  • Any necessary web links pointing to additional information.


Email Lists

For ongoing communications with specific groups within the UAB community, the following options are available based on the purpose of the communications.


Listservs are used for a defined, static audience of information recipients and are necessary for lists that include recipients outside of UAB. The audience can be determined through self-subscription, or a list owner can add and remove recipients. Listservs may be set up as a one-way distribution outlet or as a virtual discussion community to which all members can post information. To request a Listserv, contact the AskIT Help Desk at 996-5555. Once the ticket is generated, you will need to attach an email from your supervisor stating approval (to speed the process, please ask your supervisor to send their approval email prior to opening the ticket). These requests are handled by Infrastructure Services. Please allow seven business days for the request tobe processed.


Dynamic Email Lists

Dynamic email services are used for one-way information delivery to audiences whose composition may change daily, such as a specific department, a school or all occupants of a building. Each use of these services constructs its list of recipients in real-time. To request a distribution list, contact the AskIT Help Desk at 996-5555. Time required to setup a dynamic list will vary based on the selection criteria; typically 7 days should be sufficient.


Mass Emails

Any one-time message addressed to multiple recipients that needs to be sent from a “special” address rather than a user’s personal address is considered a mass email. Mass emails sent to all faculty, staff and students are reserved for special circumstances and require approval from UAB Internal Communications. Mass emails sent within a school or division must be approved at the top of that hierarchy.Review the Requirements for Mass Emails and initiate the process by completing the Mass Email Request Allow seven business days for the request to be processed.


Personal Distribution Lists

Users may want to manage a personal distribution list for small groups that you will need to email more than once. Follow these instructions to create Personal Distribution Lists in MS Outlook. Or, alternatively, you can create a list of emails separated by semicolons in a Notepad document and save it; when you are ready to use the list, copy and paste the email addresses into the “Bcc” field (this provides privacy for your recipients). The size limit for attachments is 30MB.


UAB Global Address Book

Lists maintained in the UAB Global Address Book are for UAB personnel only. They are reserved for a defined, static audience of ongoing information recipients. To set up a group email distribution list in the Address Book, please contact the AskIT Help Desk at 996-5555. Once the ticket is generated and approved, lists are set up by Infrastructure Services and managed by the Departmental OU Administrator. Please allow 24-36 hours for the request to be processed.

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