August 13, 2013

Browser Information

Supported Browsers & Operating Systems for Blackboard Learn

Certified: fully tested and supported.
Compatible: partially tested but should function properly.
Provisional: future technologies considered supported by Blackboard Support.
Unsupported: either impossible or not tested.

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Apple Mac OS Operating System

  • Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 are tested in Standards Mode. Some known issues can be resolved by using Compatibility Mode (emulates IE7 behavior).
  • Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have moved to a rapid release cycle. At the time of testing, Chrome 16.0 and Firefox 9.0 were the latest available versions. Since then, new stable versions may have been released and widely adopted. Blackboard is supporting all newer stable versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Checking Your Browser

Browsers change, web content changes, and frequently pages don’t render exactly the way a developer wants them to in different browsers or browser versions.
Blackboard maintains a list of browsers that are supported, compatible and certified.
Here’s how to check your browser version:

1. Open your browser:
2. Click on the following:

  • Explorer:
    • Click Help, then About Internet Explorer, the version number that you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer8) appears in the dialog box
  • Firefox:
    • Click Help, then About Mozilla Firefox, the version number that you are using (e.g. Firefox version 3.6.13) appears in the dialog box.
  • Safari:
    • Click on Safari in the Safari menu
    • Select About Safari from the drop-down menu, the version number (e.g. Safari 5.0.3) appears in the dialog box.

Known Issues and Solutions in Blackboard Learn

There are some as yet unresolved technical issues with the Blackboard Learn 9.1 system. This page will be updated as additional tests are completed. If you find an issue with the system, please let us know.

Blackboard's list of supported browsers includes Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6.
Although not listed among them, Chrome also seems to work satisfactorily, and some higher education institutions explicitly recommend it. If you encounter issues using a specific browser, you may switch to an alternate browser and check performance (different operating systems, java versions, and other system configurations can all result in different issues on disparate systems).

For committed users of Explorer, you may want to access Blackboard in compatibility mode to clear up potential issues:
In the horizontal tool bar at the top of the browser, click Tools, select Compatibility View Settings, Check Display all websites in Compatibility View at the bottom of the dialog box and then hit Close.
You will need to close IE8 and reopen the browser before this change takes effect.

We will list additional known issues affecting tools and functions that may be important to you as test and develop workarounds. If you encounter an issue please forward that to us so we can pass that information along to Blackboard and develop a workaround until it is resolved.

System Area Issue Solution or Workaround
Adaptive Release The What's New module provides students access to blogs and discussions for students not in that group TBD
Collaboration A User's virtual classroom Window freezes if another user enters the session We recommend not using the collaboration tool until this issue is corrected by Blackboard in an upcoming service pack
Content: Course Files Internet Explorer may interpret the request to open and download a Microsoft Word file as a security threat, and serves a dialog box asking for login and password information. Close the dialog box asking for login and password information and the word file will open; upload content as .pdf files where possible
Early Warning System The notifications tool can does not send emails for assignments built within a learning module; emails can contain garbled messages We recommend not using notifications until this issue is corrected by Blackboard
Early Warning System The due date rule may send a notification that an assignment is past due even if the student has submitted the assignment We recommend not using notifications until this issue is corrected by Blackboard
Early Warning System The notifications History filter will not filter based on notification, rule name, or user We recommend not using notifications history until this issue is corrected by Blackboard