1. Go to www.uab.edu/it/dropbox
  2. For internal users, click to login, and login with your BlazerID and password.
  3. Once you access the site, you will see a series of links. Click the link “drop off (upload) a file.”

    Internal Users will see the following:

    Internal screen

    External Users will see the following:

    External screen

  4. Next, add the following information:

     a. From: (If it is a Vendor needing to send something to an @uab.edu address, enter your information here)
         i.  Your name:
         ii.  Your Organization:
         iii. Your Email:
         iv. CC me: (carbon copy the Drop notice that the recipient will receive. This is critical in sending to multiple recipients.)

     b. To: (It is mandatory to send in Drop box to an @uab.edu address.)
         i.  Their Name:
         ii. Their UAB Email: (It is required to be an @uab.edu address only. No other UAB address will work)

     c. File
         i.  File Pathname: Click browse to select the file you need to send.
         ii. Brief Description: If you need to have a comment on the file attached.

    Enter Recipient Information

  5. Click upload. You will then be redirected to a confirmation screen which will indicate “File successfully uploaded, scanned for viruses, and saved.”

    Confirmation screen

You will receive an email with instructions in how to download the file (see below). Go ahead and copy the email you receive and send the email to your multiple recipients. (NOTE: Once you send out the email to multiple recipients and download the file. Please do not click Delete on the site since it will delete it for everyone else that needs to download it. The file will automatically delete after a certain amount of time or if we need to clear some space)

drop box email

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