If you have definitely forgotten your Blazerid password, click here.

If you think you remember your BlazerID password but it is not letting you log in, then click here.

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The first step in keeping your password secure is to create a good one. After you've created a strong password, continue with the suggestions below to keep it safe:

  • Never share your password with anyone.

    This includes family, friends, significant others, computer support people, and bosses. If you need someone to read your email, you can have that person do so without using your password by using the delegates feature in MS Outlook.

  • Never save your password when prompted by your web browser or any other programs.

    You can turn this option off in Internet Explorer (Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> AutoComplete) & Mozilla (Tools -> Options -> Security).

  • Change your password regularly.

    To change your BlazerID's password, click here.

  • Make your password easy to remember, but hard to guess.

    Use a lyric to a favorite song, for example:

    "How much is that doggie in the window":


    For more security, add a capital letter & convert an 'i' to a '1':


  • Never send your password via email - even if the request looks official.

    Any request to send your password via email is most likely a phishing attempt.

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Below is a chart showing the propagation cycle of obtaining a BlazerID.


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You have been directed to this page to help troubleshoot a problem with using your BlazerID and password credential.  If you were going through the password reset process when sent to this link, the system determined you likely know your password already, so resetting it will not resolve the problem.  Please review the information on this page, to see if it helps.  If you continue to have difficulty using your BlazerID, you may either return to the password reset process, or you can call us at 205-996-5555 or visit the AskIT support page at www.uab.edu/askit to open a trouble ticket.  You may also chat with a technician through the support page, or review our FAQs and other online resources for further guidance.

Did you create your BlazerID today?  If so, it may have not had time to be loaded into all of the online systems.  We generally recommend that you wait at least one hour before trying to access administrative or e-learning systems.  In some cases, it may take two or more hours, or even overnight for your credentials to be fully processed.  It cannot hurt to continue working through the rest of this page, but keep the delay in mind.

Verify your BlazerID and password.  Open the "Activate Accounts" page https://idm.blazernet.uab.edu/bid/syn and submit your BlazerID and password there.  If it returns a Success screen, then any login problem you are having is definitely not caused by a bad password.  It is possible that the Activate process may have resolved the problem you were having with your BlazerID/password, so you should try logging in again now.  If it still does not work, then continue reading below.

If the Activate Accounts screen failed: then you either entered an incorrect BlazerID or password.  To verify your ID, open and submit the "Do I Have a BlazerID" page https://idm.blazernet.uab.edu/bid/doi  - if that returns the expected result, then you probably need to return to the password reset process, or open the "Change BlazerID Password" page https://idm.blazernet.uab.edu/bid/pwd to initiate it.


Unable to access the BlazerNET portal (blazernet.uab.edu)

The most common problem with logging into BlazerNET is that you must be an incoming, active, or recently active employee or student in order to access it.  If you were admitted as a student today, or are a recent hire (see Oracle section below), then it may take overnight for the system to recognize you as being active.  If you are an alumni who needs a transcript, please visit http://www.uab.edu/transcript instead.

Unable to access Blackboard Learn e-learning system (www.uab.edu/bblearn)

You will not be able to access your courses until the first day your class begins.

Unable to access the Oracle Administrative System (HR & Finance)

If you are a recent hire (new UAB employee), then all paperwork must have cleared and all workflow steps must have been completed so that you are officially an active employee.  If your paperwork completed today, then it will probably be tomorrow before you can log in to Oracle (or BlazerNET).

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