Any information in the Phonebook which is not provided by you (via the Change Information function) is downloaded from official UAB records databases. These records are used for a number of other purposes, so we cannot allow you to directly modify these fields in the Phonebook. If we did, that would leave the other records still inaccurate and result in the Phonebook not reflecting official UAB data.

If you are a student, the Registrar's Office maintains your records. You may make changes to your address, phone number, class, major or degree information by logging in to BlazerNET.  To change your name, you must present your Social Security Card reflecting your new name in person at One Stop Student Services, HUC 118.  For further assistance, you may contact the One Stop at (205) 934-4300 or or visit our office in HUC 118. 

If you are a UAB employee, your information such as office location and phone/FAX numbers, department, and job title, is provided to the Phonebook from the Oracle HR system. Updates must be submitted to Oracle via an ACT data change document initiated by your department's personnel officer. For more information, please see the Campus Directory Update page.

If you are an HSF employee, your information is provided to the Phonebook from the Lawson system. In order to make changes to your information, please contact the Human Resource Center as described on the Campus Directory Update page.

If you are a UAB Health System employee, or work for any of the UAB Health System affiliates such as VIVA, Callahan Eye Foundation, and so on, you should contact the appropriate Human Resources office.

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