Course Materials Overview

This section contains material that is directly linked to content covered in each of the four Blackboard Learn courses offered through UAB's Instructional Technology department.

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Foundations xxxx Basic
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Enhanced Grade Center
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The Potential of Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile Learn is an application that you and your students can use to communicate any time, anywhere. While primarily a tool to engage students with course content outside of the class room, You can also use this tool post announcements and communicate with students through various other course tools. Updates that you make to your blackboard Learn course will automatically sync with the blackboard learn application.

Click here for a summary of what you and students can do with mobile Learn. This page provides a summary of the routine types of communications and tasks that can be performed with this app, but there's a flexibility provided by this tool that offers great potential for expanding its use to increase student time on task outside of the classroom, and this is where the greatest benefit for the student lies. While not ideal for first exposure to concepts, it has great potential for facilitating reinforcement of learning in situations where it might not otherwise occur.

Some additional "Don'ts"
As you explore, keep in mind the following when using Blackboard Mobile Learn:

  • Don't add new content to a course
  • Don't build a test or quiz
  • Don't grade assignments
  • Don't adjust grade center options


Click the icon for a demonstration of how the App works on your device

xxxx Click here for some additional information on the potential uses of the Mobile Learn App


Android Informational PDF
Blackberry Informational PDF
iPhone, iTouch or iPad Informational PDF
Palm Informational PDF

Computer Setup

UAB's Department of Instructional Technology recommends the following for optimal performance of Blackboard Learn on your computer. If your computer is not set up correctly, you will experience errors in feature functionality.

    1. You should use a browser that is fully certified by blackboard.  Check for supported browsers here. To learn how to check which version you are using click here.
    2. You should have the recommended version of Java installed.

NOTE: Multiple versions of Java installed on the same computer can cause errors to occur. It is highly recommended that you remove all Java versions and only have the UAB-recommended version of Java installed.

To learn how to check your Java version click here.
To learn how to determine and remove multiple versions of Java click here.
To learn how to install Java click here.
To learn how to turn off automatic updates click here.

  1. Disable all pop-up Blockers. To learn how to disable your pop-up Blocker click here.
  2. Your Microsoft Office must be up to date with the latest patches. To learn how to check and update Microsoft Office click here.
  3. Plug-ins that must be installed: RealPlayer, Adobe Reader, Flash Player. To learn how to check for Plug-ins click here.
  4. You must Accept/Run the Security Certificate when prompted at logon. To learn how to Accept/Run Security Certificates click here.