The UAB Requisition Input responsibility gives the user the ability to create and view requisitions and payment requests, and to view supplier/vendor information.

  • Payment Request
  • Supplier Inquiry
  • Document Locator
  • Supplier Item Catalog
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Additional Information:


    UAB Policies & Guidelines (Expenditure Guidelines) - Resources for faculty and staff for UAB's institutional policies and procedures applicable to the expenditure of UAB funds.  


    Oracle Official Object Code Listing The official UAB object code listing for Oracle General Ledger and Oracle Grants/Projects Accounting. List includes official definitions for the use of each primary object code and the rollup/blocking structure for Oracle object codes.

    Item Categories for Requisitions This file contains the full list of item categories used in Purchase Order Requisitions.

    Ordering Items from Oracle's Item Master This document describes how the item number in Oracle is structured.

    Payment Request Supplier and Object Code Edits This document lists each payment type and the allowable object codes and allowable supplier types for each payment type

    Purchasing Ship To Locations This document lists all valid ship to locations for purchase orders.

    Purchase Order Search This document describes how to look up Purchase Orders.

    Requisition Search This document describes how to lookup Purchase Order Requisitions