Effective July 14, 2014, student access to both wired and wireless networks in UAB’s student dormitories – Blazer, Blount, Camp, Denman and Rast Halls – has been moved to a separate non-UAB network.

All dorms are now served through Apogee ResNet Service, and students should direct all questions or concerns about connecting to the wired or wireless network in their dorms directly to the Apogee Help Line at 866-478-8865.

Outside the dorms, students should continue to connect their devices to the UAB WiFi network. For directions, click here.



Digital Copyright Compliance / HEOA Compliance

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) includes provisions to reduce the illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing.  UAB's policy concerning such copyright and licensing violations can be found in the Acceptable Use of Computer and Network Resources document. The specific, applicable example of a violation from that policy document is:

"Copyright and licensing violations including, but not limited to, providing or obtaining illegal copies of software or digital media (movies, videos, music, etc.) for which legal permission to distribute or possess has not been granted." 

Detection and Response

In an effort to comply with HEOA and effectively combat the unauthorized distribution of materials by users of the UAB network, UAB blocks many peer-to-peer protocols primarily associated with copyright infringement.  When UAB IT receives a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notification indicating unauthorized copying of material, UAB IT disables the associated network port and/or wireless connection and notifies the affected user or department. In order to re-enable the network port UAB requires violators to meet with an IT Help Desk representative to discuss the offense and the impact of the violation. Violators are required to bring their system to the Help Desk to ensure that all relevant file sharing software and infringing content has been removed

On subsequent infringement notices, students are referred to the Office of Non-academic Student Conduct.  Network access is blocked until we get approval from the Office of Non-academic Student Conduct. Employees are referred to their appropriate departmental management for handling. 

Alternative (Legal) Online Sources for Copyrighted Materials

Many legal sources exist for copyrighted material such as movies and music - some are free and others are for-fee. UAB's Mervyn H. Sterne Library maintains a website of Legal Media Downloads with links to many of the sites.  They are provided only as a resource and no endorsement is intended for any of the listed sites.

Links to Related Policies 



Preparing Your Computer for Use at UAB

Incoming students are required to verify that their computers are up-to-date with the latest patches and antivirus software. This step must be completed prior to connecting to the UAB network using a wired Ethernet (in residence halls only) or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Please follow these steps to prepare your computer. When you have prepared your computer, click the link in Step 5 to verify that you have the correct settings.

Step 1.Ensure that your computer is running a valid, licensed operating system. For students, UAB supports PCs with Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista with Service Pack 2, Windows 7 with Service pack 1, and Windows 8.   UAB also supports Macs with OS X 10.6 or later.

(Note:Microsoft and UAB will stop supporting XP on April 8th, 2014.  Students can download Windows 7 and Windows 8 for free on the software website, www.uab.edu/it/students then click on Microsoft Agreements and Products for more information

Step 2. Check for updates that are available for your operating system. Windows operating systems can be updated by clicking on Start, clicking on All Programs, and then click Windows Update.

Student Computer Step 2 1     Student Computer Step 2 2

Mac OS X operating systems can be updated by clicking on the Apple icon in the Menu ribbon and choosing Software Update.

Student Computer Step 2 mac

Step 3. Ensure that one of the antivirus applications in the list below is installed. Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Forefront are free of charge to students and can be downloaded at the links provided. Contact the AskIT Help Desk at 205-966-5555 for assistance with antivirus issues.

For Windows Operating Systems:

·Microsoft Security Essentials (available to students at no cost)

· Norton (Symantec)

· McAfee


·   Microsoft Forefront (available to students at no cost)

For Mac Operating Systems:

·Sophos (available to all students at no additional cost)

· Avast

· ClamAV

· McAfee

· Norton

· Intego

When you select and install your antivirus software, be sure to enable the Auto-update feature so the application will automatically download the latest antivirus definitions at regularly scheduled intervals.

Step 4. Secunia PSI is a security tool designed to detect out-of-date programs and plug-ins which expose your computer to attacks. This tool regularly scans your computer to determine if installed programs need to be patched or are no longer in service. Click here for Secunia PSI

Step 5. Click the link below to perform the final verification. This final step will either indicate a successful completion or indicate where further changes must be made.


Step 6. For complete setup instructions to UAB Wifi-NAC click here Setting up Wifi-Nac for Network Access

Step 7. Blackboard (UAB Online Learning System) http://www.uab.edu/bblearn/student-support

For students who will be using Blackboard, visit the Blackboard Student Support page and follow the directions to ensure that your computer is configured properly. Several tutorials are provided to familiarize you with the Blackboard system.

Step 8. For assistance with the information above or any technical issue, contact AskIT or send an email to askit@uab.edu This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Recommended System Specs for Student Computers

2014-2015 UAB IT Recommendations


Apple Macintosh:  Laptop & Desktop systems





Intel I5 processor or higher


RAM (memory)

4GB or higher


Hard Disk

160 GB or higher (or SSD)


Operating System

Mac OS X 10.8 or higher



802.11g/n wireless or ethernet


 Microsoft Windows PC:  Laptop







Intel I5 processor (or higher)


RAM (memory)


4 GB (or higher)


Hard Disk


160 GB (or higher) or SSD


Operating System


Windows 7 (or higher)




802.11g/m wireless or Ethernet


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