The vision of UAB IT’s Enterprise Information Security Office is to “Secure to Empower.” Information Security is responsible for mitigating risk for the University through the development and maintenance of UAB’s Information Security strategy, which includes IT policies and best practices, security training and awareness programs, security monitoring and operations, secure architecture and vulnerability management. Our goal is to balance confidentiality (keeping private matters private), integrity (assuring that your information is complete and accurate) and availability (having timely and reliable access to your information).

Information security is a team sport. We alone cannot accomplish this. You play a key role in protecting information. Be knowledgeable. Be aware. Be proactive. Help us enable UAB to be world class.

Services & ToolsServices & Tools

See a list of tools and services to help keep your data secure.

Policies & GuidancePolicies & Guidance

IT-related policies and procedures.

Report an IncidentReport an Incident

Experiencing a security issue? Report it here.


Learn more about phishing scam emails — and how to avoid getting caught.

Password securityPassword security

Learn how to create a secure passphrase to keep your information safe.

Protect your computerProtect your computer

Helpful tips on how to keep your devices and your data safe.