Enable research and scholarship eminence through innovative, shared technological advances made available to researchers.



  1. Form an institute to support research computing.

  2. Establish a governance structure (leadership council) to oversee shared assests and solutions.
  3. Enable the sharing of research computing resources, network and applications by participating in external clouds or grids.
  1. Support campus research computing needs by seeking external funding for infrastructure (e.g. shared instrumentation grants).
  2. Identify ways to leverage resources in existing IT services, collegiate IT groups and faculty labs.
  3. Partner with researchers and administrators to develop sustainable funding models.
  1. Promote awareness of IT services and tools for researchers.
  2. Enhance the UAB newtork to include the deployment of IPV6, DNS-SEC and ubiquitous 100Mb connectivity.
  3. Pilot a condor cluster.
  4. Expand the electronic researcher notebook (toolkit).
  5. Explore the SOX research private cloud storage and backup solution.
  1. Formalize an information security plan for the research community.
  2. Create a research data management plan and framework designed to protect research data to support bio-information while promoting research collaboration and data sharing.
  3. Develop best practices and standards for information security (onsite and hosted).
  4. Expand business continuity planning and disaster recovery preparedness. 

Resources for researchers: