In the first half of 2018, UAB IT will be migrating files stored in UABFile to the cloud storage solution OneDrive. OneDrive offers greater flexibility and is more cost-effective, because maintaining on-premise storage is expensive to maintain. The benefits of cloud storage include:

  • Accessibility: Computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Mobility: Access files from anywhere using OneDrive mobile apps.
  • Offline access: Sync local copies for offline viewing and editing.
  • File sharing: Share content with colleagues — UAB and external — by sending them a link.
  • Collaboration: Shared access and real-time co-authoring is available.
  • Security: Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • Affordability: By leveraging investment in a cloud solution, UAB is eliminating the cost of department file shares.

Storage migration instructions

Instructions for Department Reps

What do I need to do before the migration?

  • Complete the UAB Department Share Questionnaire.
  • Eliminate unneeded data. Refer to the Data Reduction page.
  • Eliminate Restricted/PHI data.
  • Identify workflow constraints, e.g. business processes that currently rely on data stored in UABFile.
  • Communicate relevant department share migration information to your users.

What do I need to do during the migration?

  • Work with UAB IT to resolve issues identified during migration. UAB IT will provide a data migration error report.
  • Test all business processes using new file storage location.
  • Report any issues to AskIT at 205-996-5555 or
  • Communicate relevant department share migration information to your users.

What do I need to do after the migration?

  • Continue working with UAB IT to resolve any outstanding issues.
  • Communicate relevant department share migration information to your users.
  • Complete the post-migration survey emailed to you.

How to move your data to OneDrive on your own

Please follow the below Instructions for moving the content of your personal U Drive into OneDrive.

Step 1: Go to and sign in to OneDrive with your BlazerID email address (i.e. From here, finish logging in with your BlazerID and password.

Step 2: Select OneDrive from the main Office 365 landing page.

Step 3: Select “Upload” from the OneDrive menu and click “Folder.” Next, select your U drive from the list, and click “OK.” This action will copy all files and folders from your U drive to your OneDrive!

Step 4: After all of your files have been copied into OneDrive, select “Upload” and click “Files.” Select your U drive folder, highlight all of your files, and delete the items. This action will delete the files from your U drive and will let us know that the content you would like to keep has been moved. You have now completed the migration process!