I do not want my phone number listed

As a student, your information in the Electronic Phonebook and printed Campus Directory is published in accordance with the Family and Privacy Act of 1974, as outlined in Section IV of UAB's Student Records Policy. This is also noted in the printed Class Schedule on the WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW page under the ABOUT STUDENT RECORDS heading, which provides instructions for requesting that this information not be made available. If you submit the waiver form as described, then your entry in the Phonebook will be suppressed, and only you will be able to view its contents. This will also remove your listing from subsequent editions of the Campus Directory.

A less drastic solution is now available, where you can suppress just your phone number and leave the rest of your entry available for display. If you use the Change Information function and supply Contact Information (even if it just says "None"), then that will override your phone number.

Last modified on September 28, 2012