Embed NBC Learn Content in your Course

There are three ways to embed NBC Learn content into your course:

  1. Insert NBC Learn modules onto your course homepage. This will display a module that allows you and your students to browse through and watch relatively current content in categories such as business and finance and general news items.
  2. Embed content directly from the Build Content menu in a content area. This allows you to browse all NBC archives and embed content into a course item.
  3. Embed content through the mash-up tool in the visual text editor. This is the most flexible option, allowing you to bring content into any Blackboard component that allows access to the text editor.

Insert NBC Modules

To insert one or more modules, click Add Course Module, scroll to NBC content, then select Add. The screenshot below shows two modules on display:

Click for additional detail on adding modules. Note that you can add/delete modules to your institution home page in the same way as you would your course home page. The difference is that you control what students view on your course home page.

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Embed Content directly from the Build Content Menu

To embed content directly from the Build Content menu:

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Embed content through the mash-up tool in the visual text editor

To embed nbc learn content into a specific content item, into an interactive tools such as a discussion, board, or an assignment, use the mashup tool mashup in the text editor. This is the most flexible method of adding content, as it will allow you to add to items, blank pages, content folders, assignments, interactive tools, and test items:
Then follow the same steps described under the previous directions for adding the selected content.

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July 03, 2013

Using NBC Learn

Using NBC Learn

The NBC Learn building block in Blackboard allows you to access resources through the NBC news archives and incorporate them into your course.
These archives allow you to access over 10,000 thousand video clips, news footage, documents, and images related to a number of fields in the natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and humanities. This service also include electronic artifacts such as primary source documents, images, charts and graphs from NBC partners.

This content can be embedded in a variety of locations within your course, including menu links, course items, discussion boards, blogs, wikis, and test questions.

This tool allows you to reinforce course concepts through historic video footage and bring real-world examples into the classroom that can help students connect theory to application. Students can view interviews with notable individuals from the arts, politics, science, and technology fields; they can also access a range of news stories from macro-social issues such as immigration and foreign policy all the way down to the impact of NAFTA on individual communities. This content includes:

  • Collections organized around 28 subject areas
  • Primary source documents predating the revolution up to the present
  • Universal newsreels from 1930 to 1960
  • Access to full transcripts, bibliographical citation and closed captioning
  • A continuously updated archive that maintains currency in ongoing events
  • Downloadable content that can be used in presentations

NBC News Archives: Bring Real Events into Course Instruction

NBC News Archives On-Demand allows you to bring historical and current events directly into course material and classroom discussions.
This tool is now integrated with the Course Delivery and Community Modules of Blackboard Learn.
You can access 12,000+ pieces of professionally created educational multimedia content archived in dynamic collections, then download video clips and embed them directly in the Blackboard course environment. Search the archives in multiple ways, including by subject area, related topic or keyword.

NBC Archives

Play videos at full-screen when used in the classroom. Read full text transcripts. The archives contain news footage of historic and current events, critical analysis and mini-documentaries covering topics from early American history to the modern day.