Post an Announcement in Your Course

Announcements will appear in the Announcements module on your institution home page and on the course home page (if the default home page is retained). You can also designate announcements as the home page if you so desire. You can also opt to email announcements to each individual in the course. This option uses the email address imported in the course roster.



Send an Email to your Course Roster

The email tool sends an email to designated class participants from your account to the participants’ accounts. The message does not reside in blackboard, it is sent from Outlook or other email client, and responses to that email will come into your email client inbox.

If you use this feature, you may want to create a folder for you course in your email client and set up a rule to drop email from course members into that folder. This will help you organize emails from several different courses. You can select from the following lists or select individual users




Post an Announcement

The Course Home Page

Now we're at your course home page. If you've never edited any item in a course shell before, you'll see this view, containing 3 major components:

  1. The course menu
  2. The content frame
  3. The control panel


Click here if you want to learn more about the course home page. But, if you just have some very specific needs, we'll address some essentials here:

IF all you want to do is….

Click on on any of the above to get started.

Course Materials Overview

This section contains material that is directly linked to content covered in each of the four Blackboard Learn courses offered through UAB's Instructional Technology department.

Click one of the course icons below to access a matrix that links each topic contained in the course to help resources in the instructor manual, the Blackboard online help manual, and/or this website.

If you don't know where to start, click here

Foundations xxxx Basic
foundations basicmatrix
Enhanced Grade Center
enhanced gradecenter2

Course File Organization

Online course materials and activities can be organized in a number of different ways. The framework and structure will vary depending upon the educational goals and instructional preferences of the instructor. Some major organizational categories include:

  • Chronologically by week.
  • By chapters in the textbook being used.
  • By units or modules based upon subject-specific concepts or theories
  • By complexity of the content or ideas being introduced.
  • By some combination of the preceding approaches

The identification of a framework will allow you to organize a course map. Once you've done this, the next step is to create a folder and sub-folder structure on your computer that mirrors the organizing framework you have identified in your course map. The prep work building the course map will help you save time when building your course.

This folder structure will make it easier for you to find and keep track of your content. You can mirror this folder structure in Blackboard Learn's Content Collection area, which will make it easy for you to find and links to your various content files in your course. For example, if you have decided that you will organize and group the content in your course based on lessons organized by week, you should begin by creating a folder on your PC labeled with your course title, then create sub-folders labeled with each weekly lesson title within this folder.

Best Practices for Courses Using Bb Learn

This section offers some simple things you can do to help ensure students can access your content in your courses, and to allow you to use Blackboard Tools (links to the left). It also offers some ideas on extending Blackboard's value as a learning environment.

Just as in the classroom, there are many paths to exchanging ideas that teachers and learners can explore in the online environment. The links below offer some tips from faculty at other institutions on getting the most out of Bb Learn.

We would like to build on this content in ways that are specific and meaningful to UAB faculty, and for that we need your help. If you have a practice or tip to share with your colleagues, please pass it along to us and together we can develop an artifact of assistance. Ultimately our goal is to create a library of content that helps all system users at UAB, from novice to expert.

A Beginning-of-Semester Checklist (PDF)

An End-of-Semester Checklist (Video)

Balancing Asynchronous and synchronous Learning (PDF)

Delivering Documents to Students (DOC)

Assessing Learners (Video)

Using Blackboard for Problem-Based Learning (PDF)

Using Grading Forms (PDF)

Help Students Prepare Using a Sample Quiz (PDF)

Grading Assignments Offline (Video)

Audio and video standards for online content (PDF)

Reviewing a Course Moved from Vista (PDF)

Getting Started with the Course Environment (PDF)

Exploring Tabs (PDF)

Modify Your Course Menu (PDF)

Customize Your Course Environment (PDF)