A Medical Leave of Absence of up to 16 work weeks is available to eligible employees for a serious health condition of the employee that makes the employee unable to work.

For eligible assignment categories, click here. (You and UAB Section 4.13)

  1. The employee must apply for a Medical Leave of Absence through his or her supervisor or department head
  2. All Medical Leave of Absences must be approved through UAB Employee Health Services before submitting a Medical Leave of Absence ACT document.

For more information about Medical Leaves of Absences and required forms, click here.

Information you need to know before creating an MLOA with pay or without pay document:

  • Begin and end date of the approved medical leave of absence.
  • Amount of Accrued Benefit Timethe employee has available.

    Biweekly paid employees - accrual balances can be viewed in the Administrative System using the "View Biweekly Accrual Balances" menu option. For instructions on how to view the View Biweekly Accrual Balances, click here.

    Monthly paid employees - accrual time balances are monitored on the departmental level; monthly paid employee accrual balances are not maintained or monitored in the Administrative System.

  • During a medical leave of absence accrued sick leave, personal holiday and vacation time must be paid through standard payroll procedures before an employee can be placed in a "non-paid" status.
  • Begin and end date of any portion of the medical leave of absence to be without pay.

Documentation has been developed to assist end users in processing Medical Leave of Absence documents; you may access the training documentation by clicking on the appropriate link.

The following tools and services are recommended for use when most of the participants are off campus such as during an emergency.

  How Do I Access My Computer When Off Campus

For those who are allowed to access your computer from off campus, please click on the type of machine you use for step-by-step instructions. Please note: part of these instructions must be performed from your work computer in advance (e.g. determining the IP address of your computer, and in Mac OS X 10.5.x you will need to enable screen sharing on your work machine).

How to access your work computer remotely: Windows  | Mac

  How Do I Make Phone Calls When Off Campus

UAB Cell Phone

Employees, with manager's approval, can request cell phone services.

  How Do I Hold Meetings When Off Campus

AT&T Telephone Conferencing

Telephone based conference bridge numbers provided by AT&T can be obtained through the IT billing office. Note: When on campus, there are tools that are better suited and available at no cost.

Desktop Web Conferencing / Microsoft Live Meeting

The Microsoft Live Meeting Service allows you to collaborate with other participants – online and in real-time – with powerful and easy to use document, application, and desktop sharing features.



  How Do I Access Email When Off Campus

Outlook Web Access (OWA) provides the user the ability to access their email from any computer connected to the Internet.



  How Do I Access Voicemail When Off Campus

To access your voicemail off campus, dial one of these numbers and follow the prompts: 934-6245, 975-6245, or 996-6245.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions through our help desk, AskIT, by email or phone at 205-996-5555.

January 01, 2012

Mass Email Requests

Any one-time message addressed to multiple recipients that needs to be sent from a "special" address rather than a user’spersonal address is considered a mass email. Mass emails sent to all faculty, staff and students are reserved for special circumstances and require special permissions based upon organizational hierarchy. Ultimately, these requests will require approval from UAB Internal Communications. To initiate the process, please complete the AskIT Mass Email Request form. Once all approvals are granted, Central IT will construct the list and send the email. Allow seven (7) business days for completion of the request.

General criteria for campuswide emails

UAB recognizes faculty, staff and students have an interest in keeping their accounts free of emails that are unsolicited and, perhaps, irrelevant to them. To reinforce best practices, these guidelines address instances in which campuswide mass email requests will be considered and approved:

  • The message should relate to changes in programs, policies or procedures that may require action — or limit it.
  • The message should be relevant to most members of the UAB community in the context of their role within the university.
  • The message should be time-sensitive.

Requests that do not meet these criteria may not be approved, and requestors will be directed to Best Practices for Internal Electronic Communications to learn more about other ways to reach intended audiences.

Checklist for submitting and fulfilling requests

  1. 1. Obtain needed approvals first:
    • Emails to large numbers must be approved based upon the organizational hierarchy. If the message is addressed to all faculty, staff and students, approval is required from UAB University Relations. Deans can approve a targeted distribution within their school, and a vice president can send to all members of their division, etc.
      Sending to recipient addresses that are not in the UAB Directory is problematic and may cause complaints and/or outside mail services to block email from UAB. If this is required, special approval will be needed.
  2. 2. Provide all required content elements:
    • A Date and time to send the message (off hours if possible), at least seven days before the mailing is to be sent.
    • A valid From: address must be provided (usually a Resources or other non-personal departmental account); if none is provided, the requestor’s address will be used.
    • A Subject: line for the message.
    • The full body of text as it is to appear in the email distribution. Note: if the message has clickable links embedded in it, the visible URL must match the real URL, or the message will most likely be flagged as a phishing attempt and rejected by some mail systems.
    Links: If the message has clickable links embedded in it, the visible URL must match the "real" URL, or the message will most likely be flagged as a phishing attempt and rejected by some mail systems.

What should I expect once I request software from IT Procurement?

For products that are managed/licensed through IT Procurement (certain bulk purchased software and products covered under a site or volume purchase agreement) we will work with you to determine exactly what software versions you need and ensure proper licensing for your situation.  Your order may be processed in one of 3 ways depending on the software you need.

1.    For software that is available for download without additional charges you will be directed to the IT Software Library website.  If you are unable to download because you are unable to create and ISO file or unable to copy the file to disk, you may prefer physical media.  IT Procurement can provide you with the media at a cost of $5 per CD/DVD.  For physical media requests you will need to go online to www.uab.edu/askit and submit a new request and provide a valid account number before we can release the media.

  • Our goal is to fulfill requests for download instructions by the end of the same business day, and to fulfill requests for pickup of physical media by the end of the next business day (once a valid account number is provided). 
  • License keys necessary for installation of the software will be emailed/provided to you through the AskIT ticket within 24 hours after the media has been picked up from the AskIT Help Desk. 

2.   For bulk purchased software for which IT Procurement is reselling the product we will validate the requirements for installation with you and provide a cost back to you for an approval via the AskIT ticket you submitted. 

  • In general, you should expect a response to your initial inquiry with pricing by the end of the same business day. 
  • If you approve of the cost you should reply back to the AskIT email with the appropriate quantities and a valid account number string. 
  • From the time you reply back with the necessary information our goal is to fulfill your request with instructions on pickup of physical media and license keys necessary for installation of the software by the end of the next business day.

3.   For purchases of products requiring a Purchase Order to be generated to a vendor (Microsoft products covered under our select agreement) we will validate the requirements for installation with you and provide a cost for your review via the AskIT ticket you submitted.  The overall process for orders requiring a PO should take between 7 and 10 business days, depending on how long it takes for routing the request through Oracle for approvals.

  • In general, for workstation related products you should expect a response to your initial inquiry with questions or pricing by the end of the same business day.  Requests for server related products should receive a response by the end of the next business day.
  • Once final costs are provided to you, if you want to proceed with the order you should reply back to the AskIT email with the appropriate quantities and a valid account number. 
  • IT Procurement will enter the request into the Oracle system generally on the same day we receive your approval to proceed.  The document will route for approvals according to the normal Oracle approval process for the account number provided, and then route to UAB Procurement for issuance of a Purchase Order to the vendor.  IT Procurement will update the AskIT ticket to provide you with notice that the order has been approved. 
  • IT Procurement will monitor the Microsoft Volume Licensing site for validation that the UAB Purchase has been submitted appropriately to Microsoft.  This validation generally requires between 3 and 5 business days once the purchase order has been submitted to the vendor.
  • Once the purchase has been validated you should expect an update from IT Procurement with the necessary information on pickup of physical media (if applicable) and license keys necessary for installation of the software.
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