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University (Campus) System Support:
Patricia Merchant, merchpa@uab.edu, 205-975-3664 (login/access issues, assignments, course publishing)
Larry Sweeney, lsweeney@uab.edu, 205-934-1273 (non-employee access)
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Tavia Sorrell, tsorrell@uab.edu, 205-975-9233 (course request/course publishing)

UAB Health System/UAB Medicine System Support:
For help at your facility:

UAB Hospital
Valerie Jackson, uheducation@uabmc.edu, 205-996-7406

UAB Medical Residents
Jennie Craft, jcraft@uabmc.edu, 205-934-4793

UAHSF (Kirklin Clinic), UAB Physicians & Health System Corporate
hsftraining@uabmc.edu, 205-731-9617

Callahan Eye Hospital
Kimberly Kretzer, kkretzer@uabmc.edu, 205-488-0793

VIVA Health
Lee Hayslip, lhayslip@uabmc.edu, 205-558-7418

UAB Medical West
To sign in at Medical West, click here: UAB Medical West Login
Jason Willoughby, jwilloughby@uabmw.org, 205-481-7210

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