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Why can't I get to the fulltext of RSS feeds, email tables of contents (TOC), and search alert links from off campus?

The issue is twofold. First, the vendors that produce the RSS feeds and TOC services don't allow for users to include an EZProxy URL so that you could be prompted to log in and authenticate with your Blazer ID and password. Second, the UAB VPN is a split tunnel VPN, meaning that when you leave the UAB network you drop the UAB information--so even on the VPN your PC no longer acts as if it is on campus when you click an external link to your articles. Another consideration is that if the library has a subscription through a database rather than through the publisher, the publisher feeds, TOC, and search alert links will likely not work even if you are on campus.

The work around is to use the citation information to navigate through the E-Journals list.

You can also try placing the EZproxy snippet ( at the beginning of the RSS feed address. But this may not work if the feed's base URL is different from the resource's base url defined in our EZProxy configuration file.

Another option is, if you have an office on campus, to use remote desktop to access your office PC from home.

You can download the VPN client from IT's Software Library. For more on the UAB VPN, see

We will continue to work toward a solution, but feel free to send questions, suggestions or comments to us here. Make sure to include your information in the form if you would like to be contacted.



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