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Your loose change can help build a house!

This year the UAB Benevolent Fund is sponsoring a new house through Habitat for Humanity! In the past five years 34 UAB people, both employees and students, have become home owners through the Habitat program. Just $2.50 from every UAB employee would cover the $50,000 needed to build a Habitat House.

To help with this effort, LHL is collecting loose change. Just bring your old pennies and change to the HUB where we have a jug set up. Even a little change can make a big difference!

If you already give to the Benevolent Fund you can designate your contribution to the Habitat House by making your additional pledge to UAB’s Habitat House (agency #581).

For more information visit the UAB Benevolent Fund website or contact their office at 934-1581.

Posted on February 20, 2014@ 11:00 AM by Lisa