pdfDirections for Completing the Room Reservation Form (pdf)

Learning Resource Center Room Request Procedure

All requests must be made through the online request system by faculty or staff.

Room request are made via 25Live Scheduling System


                 NOTE: Fire Fox is the recommended web browser for 25Live

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides Classroom, Testing Labs and Meeting Rooms for the School of Health Professions (SHP). Classrooms, Testing Labs and Meeting rooms are for the use of the SHP faculty, staff and students. SHP classes, testing and events have priority scheduling. Classes, testing and events scheduled by other UAB schools or departments in LRC supported rooms maybe relocated or canceled due to SHP scheduling priorities.

Scheduling deadlines are set based upon recommendations by SHP and the LRC Director. The LRC Director will announce scheduling deadlines via email to all SHP faculty and staff. Class, testing, and meetings room requests are scheduled on a per semester basis. Any SHP classes, testing or events that require more advanced scheduling must be approved by SHP and the LRC Director. SHP academic classroom and testing lab requests will be processed before all other event requests. Once SHP academic requests have been processed all other event requests will be processed as received.

25Live gives each end user the ability to select rooms based on availability, location, attendees, and/or required resources. It is highly recommended that each user request their “primary room” and two additional “secondary rooms”. The LRC will be available to assist in navigating or to answer questions regarding the 25Live system.

Room requests are assigned rooms and confirmed as received. Room request confirmations are processed within 24 hours. Room confirmations will be emailed to the event requestor, unless otherwise specified in the room request. If a room confirmation is not received within 24 hours of submitting the room request please contact the LRC 205-934-5146. (Room request are processed Monday – Friday 8:00am -5:00pm)

The LRC provides laptops, teleconferencing equipment and video conferencing equipment upon request. These LRC resources maybe requested via the 25Live scheduling system as individual resource requests or added to room request as “Event Resources”

THE LRC RESERVES THE RIGHT TO RELOCATE ACADEMIC CLASSES OR TESTING BASED ON RECURRING ATTENDENCE  (If the number of attendees are less than half the room capacity, the LRC may relocate the class to a more appropriate room dependent on the number of attendees and resources if required.