SHAPE (Sexual Health Awareness through Peer Education) offers four workshops: HIV Awareness, Sexual Decision-Making, WOW: Women's Only Workshop, and Healthy Relationships. Each workshop is approximately 90 minutes in length, but can be adjusted for your group. Workshops are interactive using group involvement, visual aids, and practical information. Questions are answered without judgment.

Sexual Decision-Making, Risk & Responsibility

  • Make and respect your sexual decisions
  • Take care of your sexual health
  • Understand your sexual risks for pregnancy, STDs, and emotional risks
  • Reduce your risk of unwanted consequences through protection, communication skills, and awareness of individual values

HIV Awareness

  • Dispel myths or misinformation about how HIV is and is not transmitted
  • Learn about the changing face of the HIV epidemic
  • Assess your risk behaviors and what you can do to reduce your risk
  • Hear a personal story from someone living with HIV/AIDS
  • Discover what each of us can do to help those living with HIV/AIDS

WOW: Women's Only Workshop

  • Learn more about women's sexual health
  • Understand and reduce sexual health risks
  • Define a healthy relationship
  • Learn about dating violence and where you can go for help

Healthy Relationships

  • Discuss the pros and cons of relationships
  • Learn the qualitites of a healthy relationship
  • Discuss when and how to end a relationship
  • Learn about abuse and sexual assault

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